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Fazione [ Faction ] Guests. Include i gruppi [ includes sub-groups: ]: The Entertainers - The Mokos Management - The New Reformed Church - The Press - The Prestigious Guests -
Fazione [ Faction ] The Demetra. Include i gruppi [ includes sub-groups: ]: The Demetra Management - The Elite Security Services - The employees of the year - The Laborers -

"Demetra - INTERNATIONAL" - PARTECIPANTI TOTALI: 78 | giocatori: 70 | organizzatori: 8 | f: 40 | m: 30 | gioca a TS: 32 | gioca altrove: 36 | mai giocato: 2 |


The Entertainers


“ In life as in the arena I am the one who decides his actions. ”

#27 - The undefeated Gladiator (età Any age)
#30 - The unconventional Gladiator (età Any age)

“ We are what we wear, only if it is well matched. ”

#38 - The emerging stylist (età Any age)

“ A man is like a white sheet and on that sheet you can write whatever you wish ”

#37 - The poet (età Any age)
#31 - The Gladiator subdued by women (età Any age)
Cosmas Lee Gilmore

“ The spotlights blind the fool. Now you see me, now you don't. ”

#40 - The performer (età Any age)
Emily Cox
#25 - The famous announcer (età Any age)
Frida Perez
#23 - The entrepreneur (età Any age)
Jason Mandez

“ Beauty is the best recommendation letter ”

#29 - The seductive and artistic Escort (età Any age)
Julian Bennet

“ The destiny of glass is breaking ”

#35 - The young waiter (età Any age)
Julius Cristopher Lincoln

“ There can not be a God because, if there was one, I would not believe it was not me
- Friedrich Nietzsche -

#41 - The young poster man (età Any age)
Ken Albright

“ When the lion ages, even flies dare to attack it ”

#42 - The old poster man (età Any age)
Laverne McKenzie
#24 - The businesswoman (età Any age)
Matthew Harris
#28 - The rude and sensual Escort (età Any age)
Maxwell Bright

“ I'm a porcelain doll, perfect in every way, but have you ever wondered what's inside me? ”

#33 - The stylish Escort (età Any age)
Phil Blackwood

“ The world is like a palette of colors. ”

#39 - The artist (età Any age)
Raymond Long

“ Hearts will never be a practical thing until someone invents unbreakable ones ”

#34 - The man of every woman (età Any age)
Samwell ''Martini'' Johnson

“ Well, I'm certainly not a scientist, but do you really think it could be a coincidence? I don't think so. ”

#26 - The chatty bartender (età Any age)
#32 - The ''macho'' Gladiator (età Any age)
Tom Dawson

“ Everything has its given place, and that's where it has to go. ”

#36 - The Maitre (età Any age)

The Mokos Management

Andrey Ivanov Leibedev
#22 - The Boss' husband (età Any age)
Ida Volkov
#16 - The Mokos security officer (età Any age)
Iosif Morozov
#20 - The only male officer of Mokos (età Any age)
Irina Krisniushenko

“ The heart is a muscle and like all the muscles over time, if not used it will waste away. Love is a powerful feeling, especially when you have to fight with the bitter cold inside yourself. But there is hope for each of us. It takes just some believing in it. ”

#18 - The manager of information services (età Any age)
Jonathan Levine
#21 - The new employee (età Any age)
Larissa Svetlanovna Leibedev
#15 - The woman who rules Mokos (età Any age)
Veronika ''Nikushka'' Golubeva
#17 - The Mokos security guard (età Any age)
Vladilena Kuznetsov

“ The law is like the ship helm, it goes where you turn it. ”

#19 - The Mokos vice president (età Any age)

The New Reformed Church

Adelaide Sprenger

“ When she came closer to the bed, she grabbed the hair on his head and said, ''Give me strength today, Lord God of Israel.'' She struck him in the neck twice with all her might and cut off his head. (Judith 13, 4-8) ”

#86 - The Theologian Inquisitor (età Any age)
Benedetta Mirandola
#87 - The stone-hearted ''Monsignora'' (età Any age)
Clement Sanders

“ Man, you have been tought what is good and what the Lord requires of you: to practice righteousness, to love goodness, to walk humbly with your God. ”

#90 - The trusted attendant (età Any age)
Giulio Pacelli

“ Those who fear the Lord are not afraid of anything, and do not fear because He is their hope. ”

#89 - A cleric of noble lineage (età Any age)
Maria Sforza

“ The Church is a mother, God is the Church. Hard with her daughters, harder still with her sinful sons. ”

#84 - The fundamentalist Cardinal (età Any age)
Sonia Parker
#88 - The Pope's Camerlengo Cardinal (età Over 35)
Stefania Monforte

“ My voice brings the words of God. So be free from doubt and come to me. All your sins will be forgiven by the Almighty. ”

#85 - The even-tempered Cardinal (età Any age)

The Press

Anna Goodwin
#76 - The director of the press agency (età Any age)
Gabriel Fahrenheit
#83 - The weather forecast man (età Any age)
Jane ''Snapshot'' Bradford
#78 - The news photographer (età Any age)
Lynda Alger

“ Nobody invokes freedom of the press, if not those who want to abuse it ”

#79 - The censor (età Any age)
Nathan Ross
#82 - The cameraman (età Any age)
Norman Baker

“ It is useless to be intelligent, it would be better to be blond and beautiful. ”

#81 - The ditsy anchorman (età Any age)
Rita ''the Voice'' Kaufman

“ The Rock will shake the hearts and the Roll will blow the world in. Nothing will be like before anymore ... Listen to the Rock n Roll, baby, it knows what's best.. -Eddie and the Riots- ”

#77 - The radio speaker (età Any age)
Violet Campbell

“ There are two types of light: the light that illuminates and the glow that darkens. ”

#80 - The celebrated journalist (età Any age)

The Prestigious Guests

Beatrix Stewart
#55 - The Golf Champion (età Any age)
Claire Conway
#54 - The republican senator (età Any age)
Edward Conway
#62 - The young husband of the Republican senator (età Any age)
Ethan Walker

“ A nightingale locked in a cage sings its rage until it loses its voice. ”

#57 - The democratic senator's teenager son (età Any age)
John Conway

“ Behind every great woman there's a great man. ”

#61 - The elderly husband of the Republican senator (età Any age)
Kirk Douglas II

“ To reach a goal, you must be brave enough to fail. ”

#58 - The man with a thousand faces (età Any age)
Martin Stewart

“ A great chef is an alchemist, a shaman and an artist, his concoctions have the transcendent purpose of raising the soul. ”

#59 - The television chef (età Any age)
Mary Walker
#53 - The democratic senator (età Over 35)
Nick Fitzgerald
#56 - The successful singer (età Any age)
PhD Sarah Collins
#52 - The Nobel Prize scientist (età Over 35)
Sebastian Walker

“ I'm no one. No one is perfect. ”

#60 - The democratic senator's husband (età Any age)

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The Demetra

The Demetra Management

Aaron Taylor

“ Never underestimate the ability that a woman has to underestimate a man. ”

#10 - The vice president's secretary (età Any age)
Abigail Miller
#6 - The Human Resources Manager (età Any age)
Angela Dunn

“ We do not take care of the safety of a few. We take care of the security of the whole human race. ”

#3 - The Security Manager (età Any age)
Catherine Rothschild
#1 - The President of Demetra (età Over 30)
Diane Reed

“ The struggle for power can be terrible, but the struggle for the crumbs of power is always pathetic. ”

#2 - The Demetra vice president (età Any age)
Eleanor Bush
#8 - The research and development chief officer (età Any age)
Gabriel Cartwright Byrne
#12 - The faithful husband (età Any age)
Harry jr III Williamson in Miller

“ A respectable man is stained with silence, because it is his greatest strength. ”

#14 - The perfect husband (età Any age)
Isaac Rothschild

“ Sparks of invisible flame impress the mark of hell on my exhausted soul ”

#9 - The heir (età Any age)
Melanie McNauss

“ Money will not make happiness, but they get there very close. ”

#7 - The pleasure-loving heiress (età Any age)
Selene White
#5 - The Head of Press and Propaganda Department (età Any age)
Sinéad Byrne

“ Constant dripping wears the rock away ”

#4 - The Chief Administrative Officer (età Any age)
Stan Hartman
#11 - The Secretary of the administration (età Any age)
William Taylor
#13 - The lackey (età Any age)

The Elite Security Services

Archie Goodwin

“ From here I see only the shoulders of those in front of me, and they are far away. ”

#51 - The last recruit (età Any age)
Debra Price
#48 - The Military Engineer (età Any age)
Grace ''Vinegar'' Sanders

“ Fidelity is of the dogs towards the masters, loyalty is between human beings. ”

#45 - The Sergeant (età Any age)
Marie Hartman

“ I never expect my subordinates to think, but to obey my orders only ”

#43 - The commander of the guards (età Any age)
Mark Spatafora

“ Everything can have a demonstration, especially opposites, with a skilful manipulation of the scenario. ”

#50 - The radio operator of the EES (età Any age)
Paula ''Derecha'' Rodriguez

“ I pray You, Virgin Mary: look benignly at us, who have left our homes to serve with weapons. Help us, so that, with the strength of our faith, we are able to offer our prompt obedience, our serene dedication, in respect of the commandments and of your Holy Church.

#46 - The religious soldier (età Any age)
Sarah Parker

“ Whoever says that the pen hurts more than the sword, should speak with my knife. ”

#47 - The rude soldier (età Any age)
Stephanie Jandali
#49 - The video surveillance officer (età Any age)
Vivian Baker

“ The point of view that describes the world is that of the strongest ”

#44 - The deputy commander (età Any age)

The employees of the year

Gary Clark

“ Many think that I talk to myself. Actually I'm just talking to someone of my stature ”

#74 - The accountant (età Any age)
John Mccallum

“ 'Fuck, before they screw you in. Life is a roller coaster: you have to be ready for anything,in order to get on it.'' ”

#75 - The salesman (età Any age)
Madelyn White
#71 - Public Relation (età Any age)
Mark Lovermann Baker

“ Maybe you do not know it, but this is love too. Love that destroys the heart and dries up the spirit. ”

#72 - The laboratory assistant (età Any age)
Phiona Brown

“ You can’t think too much about human beings. You must think about knowledge. But which is the price? ”

#69 - The geneticist expert in bioethics (età Any age)
Prudence Cartwright

“ Ceres' voice fills the summer with fields of wheat, even though in the shadows Hecate rests. ”

#68 - The agronomist (età Any age)
Simon Thompson Brown

“ We, as men, are the cancer of this world. ”

#73 - The laboratory technician (età Any age)
Victoria Mahler

“ We are the outcome of our mind. ”

#70 - The psychiatrist (età Any age)

The Laborers

Barbra Koenig
#63 - The worker with an obscure past (età Any age)
Beth Rottermeier

“ Black was all she knew, and although the white gathered to form larger or smaller islands, the black darkness remained infinite. From that blackness, anguish and restlessness came out. ”

#65 - The solitary worker (età Any age)
Isabel Price
#64 - The expert maintenance woman (età Any age)
Liz Hartman
#66 - The head of department (età Any age)
Sam Buttler

“ Why don't you just leave me be? Leave me be, let me fly away... fly away ”

#67 - The cleaner (età Any age)

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