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Fazione [ Faction ] Guests. Include i gruppi [ includes sub-groups: ]: The Entertainers - The Mokos Management - The New Reformed Church - The Press - The Prestigious Guests -
Fazione [ Faction ] The Demetra. Include i gruppi [ includes sub-groups: ]: The Demetra Management - The Elite Security Services - The employees of the year - The Laborers -

"Demetra - INTERNATIONAL" - PARTECIPANTI TOTALI: 85 | giocatori: 77 | organizzatori: 8 | f: 38 | m: 36 | o: 3 | Guests: 4 | The Demetra: 3 | gioca a TS: 46 | gioca altrove: 29 | mai giocato: 2 |


The Entertainers

#30 - The unconventional Gladiator (età Any age)
#38 - The emerging stylist (età Any age)
#37 - The poet (età Any age)
#31 - The Gladiator subdued by women (età Any age)
Cosmas Lee Gilmore
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“ The spotlights blind the fool. Now you see me, now you don't. ”

#40 - The performer (età Any age)
Emily Cox
#25 - The famous announcer (età Any age)
Frida Perez
#23 - The entrepreneur (età Any age)
Jason Mandez
#29 - The seductive and artistic Escort (età Any age)
Julian Bennet
#35 - The young waiter (età Any age)
Julius Cristopher Lincoln
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“ There can not be a God because, if there was one, I would not believe it was not me
- Friedrich Nietzsche -

#41 - The young poster man (età Any age)
Ken Albright
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“ When the lion ages, even flies dare to attack it ”

#42 - The old poster man (età Any age)
Laverne McKenzie
#24 - The businesswoman (età Any age)
Matthew Harris
#28 - The rude and sensual Escort (età Any age)
Maxwell Bright

“ I'm a porcelain doll, perfect in every way, but have you ever wondered what's inside me? ”

#33 - The stylish Escort (età Any age)
#27 - The undefeated Gladiator (età Any age)
Phil Blackwood
#39 - The artist (età Any age)
Raymond Long
#34 - The man of every woman (età Any age)
Samwell ''Martini'' Johnson
#26 - The chatty bartender (età Any age)
#32 - The ''macho'' Gladiator (età Any age)
Tom Dawson
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“ Everything has its given place, and that's where it has to go. ”

#36 - The Maitre (età Any age)

The Mokos Management

Andrey Ivanov Leibedev
#22 - The Boss' husband (età Any age)
Ida Volkov
#16 - The Mokos security officer (età Any age)
Iosif Morozov
#20 - The only male officer of Mokos (età Any age)
Irina Krisniushenko
#18 - The manager of information services (età Any age)
Jonathan Levine
#21 - The new employee (età Any age)
Larissa Svetlanovna Leibedev
#15 - The woman who rules Mokos (età Any age)
Veronika ''Nikushka'' Golubev
#17 - The Mokos security guard (età Any age)
Vladilena Kuznetsov
#19 - The Mokos vice president (età Any age)

The New Reformed Church

Adelaide Sprenger
#86 - The Theologian Inquisitor (età Any age)
Benedetta Mirandola
#87 - The stone-hearted ''Monsignora'' (età Any age)
Clement Sanders
#90 - The trusted attendant (età Any age)
Giulio Pacelli
#89 - A cleric of noble lineage (età Any age)
Maria Sforza
#84 - The fundamentalist Cardinal (età Any age)
Sonia Parker
#88 - The Pope's Camerlengo Cardinal (età Over 35)
Stefania Monforte
#85 - The even-tempered Cardinal (età Any age)

The Press

Anna Goodwin
#76 - The director of the press agency (età Any age)
Gabriel Fahrenheit
#83 - The weather forecast man (età Any age)
Jane ''Snapshot'' Bradford
#78 - The news photographer (età Any age)
Lynda Alger
#79 - The censor (età Any age)
Nathan Ross
#82 - The cameraman (età Any age)
Norman Baker
#81 - The ditsy anchorman (età Any age)
Rita ''the Voice'' Kaufman

“ The Rock will shake the hearts and the Roll will blow the world in. Nothing will be like before anymore ... Listen to the Rock n Roll, baby, it knows what's best.. -Eddie and the Riots- ”

#77 - The radio speaker (età Any age)
Violet Campbell
(disponibile / available)

“ There are two types of light: the light that illuminates and the glow that darkens. ”

#80 - The celebrated journalist (età Any age)

The Prestigious Guests

Beatrix Stewart
#55 - The Golf Champion (età Any age)
Claire Conway
#54 - The republican senator (età Any age)
Edward Conway
#62 - The young husband of the Republican senator (età Any age)
Ethan Walker
#57 - The democratic senator's teenager son (età Any age)
John Conway
#61 - The elderly husband of the Republican senator (età Any age)
Kirk Douglas II

“ To reach a goal, you must be brave enough to fail. ”

#58 - The man with a thousand faces (età Any age)
Martin Stewart
#59 - The television chef (età Any age)
Mary Walker
#53 - The democratic senator (età Over 35)
Nick Fitzgerald
#56 - The successful singer (età Any age)
PhD Sarah Collins
#52 - The Nobel Prize scientist (età Over 35)
Sebastian Walker
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“ I'm no one. No one is perfect. ”

#60 - The democratic senator's husband (età Any age)

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The Demetra

The Demetra Management

Aaron Taylor
#10 - The vice president's secretary (età Any age)
Abigail Miller
#6 - The Human Resources Manager (età Any age)
Angela Dunn
#3 - The Security Manager (età Any age)
Catherine Rothschild
#1 - The President of Demetra (età Over 30)
Diane Reed
#2 - The Demetra vice president (età Any age)
Eleanor Bush
#8 - The research and development chief officer (età Any age)
Gabriel Cartwright Byrne
#12 - The faithful husband (età Any age)
Harry Miller né Williamson
#14 - The perfect husband (età Any age)
Isaac Rothschild
#9 - The heir (età Any age)
Melanie McNauss
#7 - The pleasure-loving heiress (età Any age)
Selene White
#5 - The Head of Press and Propaganda Department (età Any age)
Sinéad Byrne
#4 - The Chief Administrative Officer (età Any age)
Stan Hartman
#11 - The Secretary of the administration (età Any age)
William Taylor
#13 - The lackey (età Any age)

The Elite Security Services

Archie Goodwin
#51 - The last recruit (età Any age)
Debra Price
#48 - The Military Engineer (età Any age)
Grace ''Vinegar'' Sanders
(disponibile / available)

“ Fidelity is of the dogs towards the masters, loyalty is between human beings. ”

#45 - The Sergeant (età Any age)
Marie Hartman
#43 - The commander of the guards (età Any age)
Mark Spatafora
(disponibile / available)

“ Everything can have a demonstration, especially opposites, with a skilful manipulation of the scenario. ”

#50 - The radio operator of the EES (età Any age)
Paula ''Derecha'' Rodriguez
#46 - The religious soldier (età Any age)
Sarah Parker
(disponibile / available)

“ Whoever says that the pen hurts more than the sword, should speak with my knife. ”

#47 - The rude soldier (età Any age)
Stephanie Jandali
#49 - The video surveillance officer (età Any age)
Vivian Baker
#44 - The deputy commander (età Any age)

The employees of the year

Gary Clark
#74 - The accountant (età Any age)
John Mccallum
#75 - The salesman (età Any age)
Madelyn White
#71 - Public Relation (età Any age)
Mark Lovermann Baker
#72 - The laboratory assistant (età Any age)
Phiona Brown
#69 - The geneticist expert in bioethics (età Any age)
Prudence Cartwright
#68 - The agronomist (età Any age)
Simon Thompson Brown
#73 - The laboratory technician (età Any age)
Victoria Mahler
#70 - The psychiatrist (età Any age)

The Laborers

Barbra Koenig
#63 - The worker with an obscure past (età Any age)
Beth Rottermeier
#65 - The solitary worker (età Any age)
Isabel Price
#64 - The expert maintenance woman (età Any age)
Liz Hartman
#66 - The head of department (età Any age)
Sam Buttler
#67 - The cleaner (età Any age)

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