Marie Hartman, The commander of the guards #43 [Demetra - INTERNATIONAL]

Marie Hartman
#43 - The commander of the guards

Interpretato da: L. M.

Motto: I never expect my subordinates to think, but to obey my orders only
Gruppo: The Elite Security Services
Teaser: You are the only one to know how much there is behind your rank. showing on your shoulder. Hours spent in training in the rain so heavy it made you blind, or under a sun so strong it made the stones melt; the voice of a lieutenant reminding you constantly that you were not enough, that you would never make it, that you looked weak like a little man. But biting your tongue you went on, challenging yourself, with your goal in your mind, ignoring everything else, including any form of affection. This is what every soldier must know how to do, even when commands don't seem right, or when remorse or regret puts a boulder on your heart; even when what you are is leaving you alone, with scorched earth around you. ''Aim for the target and go ahead'', you are a soldier and you are lucky to be able to look at your enemies directly in their eyes.

KEY WORDS: command, pride, loyalty, homosexuality, regret

Legami: Sister of Liz Hartman and Stan Hartman, since the death of your mother you have always taken care of them and, even if it has not always pleased you. Your firm sense of duty prevailed on everything. You have a good relationship with Liz and she is your pride, but Stan is a hot head, one that you never managed to tame. You quarrel with him a lot, your relatioship has basically ended since he left your home. Your promotion has made Vivian Baker quite angry, so much that your relationships are now formal and purely work-related. Under your command are also Grace Vinnegar Sanders, Paula Derecha Rodriguez and Sarah Parker: you know you can always count on them. You can't say the same thing about the new recruit, Archie Goodwin; even if you think that the military life is not suitable for a man, you appreciate the commitment that the boy achieves. In any case, he is part of the team and as such he must be protected. Debra Prince always carries out her work as well as Mark Spatafora, while you lost your temper with Stephanie Jandali, accusing her of having her head in the clouds.

Provenienza: The Demetra - Gruppo: The Elite Security Services - Sesso: female - Età del giocatore: Any age - Consigli: Suitable for a player suited to the command, willing to interpret violent scenes.

Altri membri del gruppo: The Elite Security Services Paula ''Derecha'' Rodriguez (46 ) interpretato da CarolaJ; Debra Price (48 ) interpretato da IreneO; Vivian Baker (44 ) interpretato da GabrielaM; Stephanie Jandali (49 ) interpretato da GiuliaW; Archie Goodwin (51 ) interpretato da ArnaudT; Mark Spatafora (50 ) ancora in cerca di interprete; Sarah Parker (47 ) ancora in cerca di interprete; Grace ''Vinegar'' Sanders (45 ) ancora in cerca di interprete;