Nathan Ross, The cameraman #82 [Demetra - INTERNATIONAL]

Interpretato da: L. K.

Motto: I'm as real as the pictures on this film.
Gruppo: The Press
Teaser: Good looking and damned good at your job, this is what it is said about you. Even if your not a gladiator or you don't belong to a rich family, you are regarded ad a charismatic man of charm and the rare ability to catch women into your web. No one ever said no to you.They are all the same if you know how to get to them, how to warm them... The only exception is maybe yout mother... People say that you like to jump from an affair to the other, that this is your specialty. Maybe this is why you have no regular relationship. It's as if you were married to your camera: that's what is always beside you, like the all-seeing eyes of a partner, catching glimpses of reality that would otherwise be lost.

KEY WORDS charisma, mystery, secret, idealism, redemption

Legami: There are three types of women in the world. There are women you absolutely despise as Violet Campbell or Emily Cox, with whom you worked and with whom you will never work again. Then there are women you date that would like to change you, like Prudence Cartwright, that you let do as they like, because sometimes it is nice to dream about starting a family. Finally there are women with great charm and charisma, those that are unreachable, unattainable. Their smell is enough to intoxicate you, but their words, their power and posittion is their true beauty. The President of Mokos Larissa Svetlanovna Leibedev, for which you shot a video documentary, and Angela Dunn, casually met in a bar, are two of those women.

Provenienza: Guests - Gruppo: The Press - Sesso: male - Età del giocatore: Any age

Altri membri del gruppo: The Press Gabriel Fahrenheit (83 ) interpretato da Enrico P; Norman Baker (81 ) interpretato da JC H; Lynda Alger (79 ) interpretato da Mateja J; Rita ''the Voice'' Kaufman (77 ) interpretato da Maria M; Anna Goodwin (76 ) interpretato da Nathalie R; Jane ''Snapshot'' Bradford (78 ) interpretato da Marie W; Violet Campbell (80 ) ancora in cerca di interprete ;