Tom Dawson, The Maitre #36 [Demetra - INTERNATIONAL]

Motto: Everything has its given place, and that's where it has to go.
Gruppo: The Entertainers
Teaser: Sometimes you seem to be as quiet as a mountain lake: so clear as to reflect the blue sky embellished by clouds. Yet you know that underneath the surface there are currents, algae and mud, which covers everything on the bottom and hides all contours. You give a professional smile to the people you work for while you give them a tart with cream and you are forced to bear to be treated almost like a servant. And yet you smile pleasantly and keep calm. You have had to settle down, be content with smaller goals, after all you're just a man. Being at this event was too important. While you look at the canapes still laid on the tray, the belief that everything has an end becomes almost a suffocating truth: everything is destined to be thrown away like garbage.

KEY WORDS: anger, servility, love, revenge, fatalism

Legami: You work for Laverne McKenzie, a very demanding boss, but in her position you too would have liked the best from your subordinates. You often do the work shift with Samwell'' Martini ''Johnson, with him you work well and adore his funny jokes about customers. You often scold Julian Bennet, a young boy who has a lot to learn, but only to help him understand the work better. You met Debra Price at the funeral of a mutual friend.

Provenienza: Guests - Gruppo: The Entertainers - Sesso: male - Età del giocatore: Any age - Consigli: Suitable for a proactive player who wants a character with strong personal motivations.

Altri membri del gruppo: The Entertainers Raymond Long (34 ) interpretato da DamienR; Babel (38 ) interpretato da MichaelB; Laverne McKenzie (24 ) interpretato da BéréniceM; Octavius (27 ) interpretato da DavideS; Blake (37 ) interpretato da DanieleC; Emily Cox (25 ) interpretato da MaryL; Corvus (31 ) interpretato da DavideO; Phil Blackwood (39 ) interpretato da Federico F; Samwell ''Martini'' Johnson (26 ) interpretato da Adrian Hvidbjerg P; Apollo (30 ) interpretato da PatrickW; Spartacus (32 ) interpretato da MatteoT; Maxwell Bright (33 ) interpretato da JoshE; Jason Mandez (29 ) interpretato da RokF; Matthew Harris (28 ) interpretato da SebastienK; Frida Perez (23 ) interpretato da Elisac; Julian Bennet (35 ) interpretato da Marcello A; Ken Albright (42 ) ancora in cerca di interprete; Julius Cristopher Lincoln (41 ) ancora in cerca di interprete; Cosmas Lee Gilmore (40 ) ancora in cerca di interprete;