Octavius, The undefeated Gladiator #27 [Demetra - INTERNATIONAL]

#27 - The undefeated Gladiator

Interpretato da: D. S.

Motto: In life as in the arena I am the one who decides his actions.
Gruppo: The Entertainers
Teaser: You would never have been someone important without your body. It was your body to give you an identity, to place yourself in Olympus as the ''Undefeated'', because Gladiators are not born, but you become one with determination and tenacity. Little do you care about the motivation that led you for the first time down in the arena, you only know that you had to pour sweat and blood on the dirty floor to get where you are. Now, at the sound of your name, the women scream as if they had orgasms, and the men can only envy you. Yet, looking at your face in the mirror, you only see a clown ready to wear a new mask and you wonder if what you have is really what you want.

KEY WORDS success. charm. mystery, chaos, frustration

Legami: Frida Perez is not only your manager, but also the one who trusted you. You fought the first time against the champion Spartacus: from that day your relationship, previously like brothers, has deteriorated. You think Corvus has some sort of envy for you, he seems not to have understood that the two of you have many things in common. You took under your wing the newcomer Apollo with whom you spend most of your time at practice and after it.

Provenienza: Guests - Gruppo: The Entertainers - Sesso: male - Età del giocatore: Any age - Consigli: Suitable for an adaptable player who likes to play unusual roles. Suitable for a player able to simulate fights.

Altri membri del gruppo: The Entertainers Raymond Long (34 ) interpretato da DamienR; Babel (38 ) interpretato da MichaelB; Laverne McKenzie (24 ) interpretato da BéréniceM; Blake (37 ) interpretato da DanieleC; Emily Cox (25 ) interpretato da MaryL; Corvus (31 ) interpretato da DavideO; Phil Blackwood (39 ) interpretato da Federico F; Samwell ''Martini'' Johnson (26 ) interpretato da Adrian Hvidbjerg P; Apollo (30 ) interpretato da PatrickW; Spartacus (32 ) interpretato da MatteoT; Maxwell Bright (33 ) interpretato da JoshE; Jason Mandez (29 ) interpretato da RokF; Matthew Harris (28 ) interpretato da SebastienK; Frida Perez (23 ) interpretato da Elisac; Julian Bennet (35 ) interpretato da Marcello A; Ken Albright (42 ) ancora in cerca di interprete; Julius Cristopher Lincoln (41 ) ancora in cerca di interprete; Cosmas Lee Gilmore (40 ) ancora in cerca di interprete; Tom Dawson (36 ) ancora in cerca di interprete;