Lynda Alger, The censor #79 [Demetra - INTERNATIONAL]

Interpretato da: M. J.

Motto: Nobody invokes freedom of the press, if not those who want to abuse it
Gruppo: The Press
Teaser: The great responsibility of the task that has been reserved to you is something that most do not understand. ''The Censor'' they call you, you are the ax that cuts the information according to the wishes of the Demetra board, even if almost no one has had the courage to tell you that nickname in the face, fearing the consequences of an open challenge. They talk about you and do not understand, in the narrowness of their vision, the delicacy of your action: from the way and type of information that comes out to the public, from the timing used to give a certain announcement, depends the fate of many people and the security of thousands of lives, many of them unconscious of the fact that it's your hand keeping them safe. You give your daily contribution, unceasingly selecting what is useful to spread from what instead constitutes a potential danger. Seditious revolutionaries and anti-social often use the shield of a hypothetical ''freedom of press'' to try to convey their messages of hate, but fortunately you are always in your place, to watch, article after article, line by line, word after word.

KEY WORDS: control, loyalty, conscience, constancy, responsibility.

Legami: You know well Selene White, she is your point of reference within Demetra. Several people operate within the Agency you work with, starting with the Director Anna Goodwin, a woman doing well her job, as well as Rita ''The Voice'' Kaufman, although something in you remains unspecified about her. Instead Jane Bradford with her speeches on freedom of the press and other amenities gives you more than a headache. You have cordial relations with Nick Fitzgerald.

Provenienza: Guests - Gruppo: The Press - Sesso: female - Età del giocatore: Any age

Altri membri del gruppo: The Press Gabriel Fahrenheit (83 ) interpretato da Enrico P; Norman Baker (81 ) interpretato da JC H; Nathan Ross (82 ) interpretato da Larson K; Rita ''the Voice'' Kaufman (77 ) interpretato da Maria M; Anna Goodwin (76 ) interpretato da Nathalie R; Jane ''Snapshot'' Bradford (78 ) interpretato da Marie W; Violet Campbell (80 ) ancora in cerca di interprete ;