Rita ''the Voice'' Kaufman, The radio speaker #77 [Demetra - INTERNATIONAL]

Interpretato da: M. M.

Motto: The Rock will shake the hearts and the Roll will blow the world in. Nothing will be like before anymore ... Listen to the Rock n Roll, baby, it knows what's best.. -Eddie and the Riots-
Gruppo: The Press
Teaser: For many listeners you are now like an abstract entity travelling through the ether, friendly and reassuring. For them you are simply ''The Voice'', leading them during the day, informing them, entertaining them and wishing them a good night. Few people know who Rita really is, the woman behind the microphone: you do not spare a comment on any subject, but on your private life you have always maintained a certain caution. When the familiar ''On Air'' spy goes on, you forget everything else and let yourself be carried away by the sound of words. Over time you have learned the amazing power they have over people: they can simply entertain or change someone's day, they can change public opinion or raise the minds like on the crest of a tumultuous wave.

KEY WORDS: action, extroversion, politics, dialectics, conflict

Legami: You interviewedBlake as a guest, the famous poet who publicly humiliated Ken Albright. You'd really like to give him the chance to replicate, just to see what he thinks. You consider Lynda Alger someone who knows her business, you admire her for her work and humanly, while you are more interested in Jane Bradford and her opinions on freedom of the press. Anna Goodwin, however, seems slimy, never says what she really thinks and you do not trust her completely. You met some of the celebrities of the moment, like Beatrix Stewart's husband, Martin, who seemed nice and kind to you. You do not like the style of Violet Campbell, a journalist who's a little too eager to put people's private life in the streets. Once he tried to dig into your privacy and you did not like it at all.

Provenienza: Guests - Gruppo: The Press - Sesso: female - Età del giocatore: Any age

Altri membri del gruppo: The Press Gabriel Fahrenheit (83 ) interpretato da Enrico P; Norman Baker (81 ) interpretato da JC H; Nathan Ross (82 ) interpretato da Larson K; Lynda Alger (79 ) interpretato da Mateja J; Anna Goodwin (76 ) interpretato da Nathalie R; Jane ''Snapshot'' Bradford (78 ) interpretato da Marie W; Violet Campbell (80 ) ancora in cerca di interprete ;