Pedro Domingos, The meek accountant #14 [Pirate Academy - ENG]

Pedro Domingos
#14 - The meek accountant

Played by : D. S.

Motto: Keeping you head low is the best way to avoid hitting it
The Crew


THEMES: cowardice - growth - love - comedy

''Shy, meek, mousy''. Those are the kind words friends might use to describe Domingos. But all is well, as Domingos does not have many friends anyway. Domingos has spent a lifetime learning to be the smallest fish in a sea full of sharks. Domingos is contented to be that smallest fish, that keeps their head down and their expectations low.
Life was perfectly boring and safe until that wretched O. Dion pressganged Domingos, dragging them all down into this dreadful adventure!
The other Dion sibling, on the other hand... has awakened something inside of Domingos and God only knows where this weird new feeling might lead them.


O. Dion   is that horrible cold hearted monster that dragged Domingos in this adventure.
E. Dion   is a lovely creature and Domingos somewhat cares about them.
F. Farìa   is a traitor.
Domingos is steering away from Guamà   for some reason.
Has dealings with V. Portero  , a like-minded fellow.
Domingos feels a bit weird about the way Walsh   looks at him.

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