Alusdar "Al" Walsh, The fighting pits fighter #21 [Pirate Academy - ENG]

Alusdar "Al" Walsh
#21 - The fighting pits fighter

Interpretato da: J. L.

Motto: You can't always punch your way out of troubles, or at least you shouldn't, though it typically works.
The Crew
Teaser: THEMES: family - desire to change oneself and things around - adventure

There's only one thing that Walsh knows well, and that's fighting. That's what life has always been: as a children with the siblings, around town where the Irish always seeemed to be in the middle of every fistfight, with the father, deraved and easy with the hands. So it wasn't that strange ending up in the fighting pits for debts and being able to fight the way through. But there was always honour, and a motivation behind the fights. Welsh always has one, and of course there is one for ending up on ''La Grace''. Walsh's little brother is still a fighter in the pits, until A. finds a way to pay his ludicrous debts.

Relations: Domingos helped A. in a moment of need, so it's A.'s turn to help the accountant back by helping P. find the inner beast and impress Dion.
R. Farìa is A.'s ''employer''.
In the past Tamirez and Walsh tried to join M. Karks's fight but felt like loosing time (Karks is not suited to be a leader). Recent rumors say that something weird has happened to M.

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