Victor Portero, The servant of the bored nobleperson #16 [Pirate Academy - ENG]

Victor Portero
#16 - The servant of the bored nobleperson

Played by : I. M.

Player's notes: Iain McNeil on facebook

Motto: Some are born to rule, others are born to serve, but the biggest honour is knowing and respecting one's place.
The Crew


THEMES: tradition - honour - friendship/love

There's true honour is servitude. That's what life has always been for V. Portero, and it was a really wonderful life, especially because the servant was very lucky when it came to the master. The best one could hope for: generous, uninterest in etiquette (maybe a little too much) and non conventional in almost every way. If only the master had been a little more down to heart, V. could have spend a quiet and peaceful life in Veragua. But one's capability to do the right thing is only really proven when things go south and then a truly devoted servant would never abandon a master. That doesn't forbid V. to despise the smelly Island and regret the day they found Lafitte on their path. Pretending to be pirates has to be the cherry on top. At least that's what V. hopes..


P. Lafitte   tries to be a good friend to Portero's master, but is Portero who enjoys Lafitte's company the most.

Domingos   is a nice person, quiet and calm and has a sense for business, that's why V. decided to invest some money with the accountant. Now Porter would like to know where the money is

V. found Blackguard   in the house and was sure the crook was there to pull some scheme, but unexpectedly Blackguard confessed to have feelings for V. The thing was so unusual that the servant actually taught about it.

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