Obra Dion, The brothel owner with a sharp mind #12 [Pirate Academy - ENG]

Obra Dion
#12 - The brothel owner with a sharp mind

Played by : A. Z.

Motto: You know nothing, let me handle this!
The Crew


THEMES : readiness - leadership - adventure

A quick witted, clear minded one; that's what Dion appears to be, and that's what Dion is.
Dion is one step ahead, thinking on their feet, grabbing luck when it passes by.
What is a small mistake, to such a mind? What is a slow witted sibling, when O. can always think for two?
Dion will make it work, they will keep on sailing toward that golden future ahead, to the place where both Dion siblings will achieve the perfect life.


E.Dion is their sibling and the person they care about the most. They'd do anything for them .
Cowman has a familiar face.
P.Domingos often visited the brothel and now is on the ship because of Dion.
M.Gresset used to live in the brothel, and they had an understanding about that.

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