Febe Farìa Montez Lèon Dos Santos Velosos De Mar, The drunken in love, once successful attorney #26 [Pirate Academy - ENG]

Febe Farìa Montez Lèon Dos Santos Velosos De Mar
#26 - The drunken in love, once successful attorney

Played by : T. A.

Player's notes: Presents as they/them

Motto: May I please have one whisky please, I have to drown my sorrow... you bitch!
The Crew


THEMES: love - eloquence/coarseness - politeness/harassement - double personality

Lately on Melee Island, F. may be known as the town drunkard, but few knows that they are the pride of the Farìa family, marquees of Abrantes and one of the most prestigious families\ in the whole Portugal. Talented lawyer, charming lover, sharp as a tack, F. never lost a case and nobody has ever turned away from their courtships. Except once.
When F. finally met the right one, it felt like the first day of their life, and it was, in fact the very beginning of one of F.'s two lives.


Adìma is a scumbag that blew to pieces F.’s last bits of hope.
R. Farìa is F.’s spoiled little sister/brother. As far as F. knows, R. is still in Lisbon, taking a bath in goat milk surrounded by masseurs and personal chaperons.
Karks is F.’s greatest inspiration, and her/his true love.
Domingos used to work for F.
One day Aguilar came to F. desperately asking for an attorney for a very important pro-bono case and F. accepted. Now they are good friends.
F. defended W. Barker in a very difficult case. They are true friends.

The Crew - The Crew - Nationality: Portuguese - Gender: unisex