Guamá, The Voodoo healer #5 [Pirate Academy - ENG]

#5 - The Voodoo healer

Played by : A. V.

Motto: Spirits have words for everyone, but not everyone has ears to understand...
The Crew


THEMES: superstition - tradition - revenge - mission

Guamà comes from a village that believed in traditions and ancient legends, and even though that village is no longer there, Guamà holds in the heart the wisdom of ancient knowledge, woodoo magic and sea prophecies. Skilled since childhood in recognizing medicinal herbs and in treating wounds and illnesses with care wraps, soothing balms and healing infusions, the native tries to cure anyone who needs it, even if not everyone deserves this favour. Many people despise the healing arts, but Guamà doesn’t care for them: the spirits speak to the healer and give premonitory dreams, and those who know how to listen will be rewarded, while those who are too foolish to understand will be swallowed up by the evil creatures of the sea. Ancient knowledge must be preserved.


W. Barker   is a silly person, that denies what can’t understand. So foolish!
F. Castillo   is really a devoted and interesting person, it would be nice to speak together about both religions and beliefs. Maybe there are more similarities than differences.
P. Domingos   is a person who can't be trusted.
R. Pulling   is a smart person, who well knows the power of spirits and the truth behind sea legends.
F. Goodwill   asked Guamà to heal T. Langer  , and the native did, but maybe Langer didn't deserve it.
A weird juju comes from F. Farìa   and M. Karks  .

The Crew - The Crew - Nationality: Caribbean - Gender: unisex - Archetypes: Healing skills