Reginald "Reggie" Pulling, The tavern owner drawning in debts #11 [Pirate Academy - ENG]

Reginald "Reggie" Pulling
#11 - The tavern owner drawning in debts

Played by : P. C.

Motto: Did you hear about the sea monster that sank the Santa Esperanza in the seas of Skull Island? The sea is terrifying and dangerous, and I'm not going to drown, again.
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THEMES: superstition - good heart - fear of adventure - treasure hunt

A good person, a generous heart, a gruff attitude, and a lot of superstition. That's Pulling in a nutshell. Some say Pulling has worked as a deckhand many years ago, witnessing monstrous and inexplicable facts that instilled in the young heart the fear of the sea. But those must be just stories, because everyone on Melee Island knows for a fact that R. has always run the family tavern, where pirates are welcome to drink the best grog on the island and tell stories. Almost everyone loves Pulling and knows about the fear of the sea, which is why the escape to embark is a complete nonsense. But those who hang out in the local underworld also know for a fact that Pulling was heavily indebted for a failed deal, and the criminal bosses of Melee Island are no joke. If those stories were true, Pulling might have escaped to avoid certain death, or possibly to find the money to pay the debts and get back the beloved tavern.


Gresset used to be a good a friend, but not anymore, while Y. McDougall betrayed Pulling's trust, and even if the latter then saved R.'s life, there are no chances that those two will be forgiven. Cowman asked a lot of questions about the people on Melee Island, and payed good money, Pulling find that stranger quite intriguing and dangerous, in a good way. The Lafitte siblings, J. and P., are good friends.
W. Barker is a good client, and likes strong drinks very much.
Guamà is a woodoo healer, the knowledge of the native should not be underestimated. Cobb is clearly cursed and Pulling is trying to help lifting the curse.
F. Farìa is often at the tavern and R. had to kick them out a couple of times.
R. Farìa one night has rented the tavern for a big fancy party

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