Myra Karks, The visionary writer #27 [Pirate Academy - ENG]

Myra Karks
#27 - The visionary writer

Played by : A. R.

Motto: The ground is low but thus shall not be our dignity.
The Crew


THEMES: dreams - politics - fighting the power - something is not right

M.Karks simply cannot stand to see all the injustices perpetrated in front of their eyes everyday in Melée Island. Slavery, forced prostitution, government corruption, just some of the ways in which the powerful and the noble scum take away people’s dignity. There must be a way to stand up to this, to fight this rotting system!
Pirates are different: they do not care about nobility and power, they steal from rich people instead!
However, M. was always felt too fearful to become a pirate.. until one day a miracle happened: a new stream of energy started running through M.’s veins and all of a sudden all fears were gone, M. felt like they could inspire the whole world with their words of justice, and finally write a masterpiece that will be passed on from each generation to the next.


Tamirez and Walsh were comrades in the past, back when M. was out of inspiration.
F. Farìa is a lovely, literate but boring person... excepts when is drunk!
J. Lafitte, Tamirez, C. M. Colon de Portugal Y Ayala, F. Goodwill, V. Portero and M. Gresset are the dream team, all ready for a great adventure.

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