Marcel Gresset, The fake pirate captain, seductive but unfit for anything… #2 [Pirate Academy - ENG]

Marcel Gresset
#2 - The fake pirate captain, seductive but unfit for anything…

Played by : O. S.

Motto: The world hasn't seen the half of me!
The Crew


THEMES: fame - social and personal uprising - duplicity - love

If you would ask people around about M. Gresset, everyone would probably tell you very different things and have different feelings, though one thing is for certain: they would be strong feelings. Gresset is the tipical person you either love, hate or don't know at all. A pathological liar, duplicitous at time, but naturally funny and with a innate talent for storytelling. Those things ended up saving the French's life multiple times: one way or another, Gresset always come out of everything clean. And that's probably why Gresset ended up posing as Captain Phoenix.


E. Aguilar Garcia De la Santa Maria Juana   immediatly complained about Gresset being the Captain, that Spanish former soldier will sure cause trouble. It was J. Lafitte   who recruited Gresset to be the new Captain, but that fellow doesn't seem to like M. very much. E.Dion   believes that M. is a nice person with charming manners. S.Pascal   The two used to organize scams together, but things didn't end up so well. Pulling   and M. used to be good friends, until a deal went wrong.

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