Eustache Dion, The airheaded escort #15 [Pirate Academy - ENG]

Eustache Dion
#15 - The airheaded escort

Interpretato da: P. V.

Motto: What?''
The Crew
Teaser: THEMES: comedy - friendship - unconventional thinking - adventure

''Now, E. Dion may be lovely in many ways but - God - everyone can tell that is dumb.
It must be hard for such a clever sibling to be related to this charming but stupid creature.
Were E. at least good at the job... but as far as I've heard, nobody in the ''A Thousand Pieces of Eight'' pleasure house has ever enjoyed the company of E. Dion. Could it be that Dion is too stupid for humanity's oldest profession?
Nevertheless, it is evident that these two siblings love each other and, were this not a dog-eat-dog world, more people would actually appreciate Dion's particularly unique imagination -the treasure-hunting talk, the lust for adventure and their peculiar way to see things in people-. Yes, it's fun... sometimes. At least, when it doesn't get us killed.''

Relations: O. Dion is their sibling and they love each other dearly.
M. Gresset used to live in the brother: M. is a funny and gallant.
E. is scared of W. Barker but nobody understands why.
Escudero Cortéz is buzzing around them and Dion is not sure why.
Cowman has a known face.
P. Domingos is a hero to them.

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