Tamirez, The former slave #22 [Pirate Academy - ENG]

#22 - The former slave

Played by : P. E.

Motto: The New World is full of opportunities, but you must know how to embrace them, or you will be only a wreck adrift.
The Crew


THEMES: new life - dream - courage - doubt

Tamirez has been a slave for a long time, but a gesture of courage convinced the master to free the native. Freedom is powerful, but Tamirez realized to be suddenly without a guide and without a purpose, in search of a new life and a new future. There are many opportunities in the New World, you just need to know how to reach them, and Tamirez wants to leave a mark. There are many dreams to carry on, and to start the former slave decided to help the good friend J. Lafitte to realize a big mission. Lafitte was the first one who welcomed Tamirez to Melee Island, and so the Caribbean will follow the friend starting an adventure on the waves of the sea.


Tamirez just can't stand P. Lafitte  , while the sibling J. Lafitte   is adorable and a close friend.
F. Goodwill   is a very good friend and a nice person.
Tamirez didn't think it would be possible to see Kailane   again, but they certainly have a lot to tell each other.
Thanks to J. Lafitte, Tamirez knew C. M. Colon de Portugal Y Ayala  , F. Goodwill  , V. Portero   and M. Gresset  , all ready for a great adventure.
In the past Tamirez and A. Walsh   tried to join M. Karks  's fight but felt like loosing time. Recent rumours say that something weird has happened to M.

The Crew - The Crew - Nationality: Caribbean - Gender: unisex - Advices: This character has a long scar on a leg.