Ethan Walker, The democratic senator's teenager son #57 [Demetra - INTERNATIONAL]

Ethan Walker
#57 - The democratic senator's teenager son

Interpretato da: F. D.

Motto: A nightingale locked in a cage sings its rage until it loses its voice.
Gruppo: The Prestigious Guests
Teaser: Piano and diction lessons, tea rooms and private schools. This is your life, your golden cage, made of smiles and expectations, packaged to be perfect. You know you are envied by many, as you are in marriage age and the name you carry has a certain weight. A useful political tool for your mother's career, your future seems to have already been decided. Not by you though. Nobody in fact seems to be interested in hearing what you want. This is why you have decided to show everyone that you are not only smiles and a good legacy, but that you can decide what you want by yourself. And if your lifestyle were to be embarrassing for your mother, probably you'd have more fun.

KEY WORDS: torment, dandy, rebellion, anger, emancipation

Legami: You met Vladilena Kuznetsov together with your mother: just like her, she only thinks about her career. You are a very good friend of Maxwell Bright despite his work (or maybe because of that) and you find the life of Babel so free and emancipated, so much so that now instead of your stylist you consider him a friend. You have several suitors areound you, but none has yet caught your heart. Your mother would like to see you walk down the aisle with Diane Reed, but you are instead fascinated by Sarah Collins even if she is a mature woman, her intelligence is truly remarkable. You spend many evenings at the bar listening to the paranoid chatter of Samwell ''Martini'' Johnson, who distracts you from the usual boredom. Once you were interviewed by Emily Cox, the famous journalist, and you gave your best: a real scandal.

Provenienza: Guests - Gruppo: The Prestigious Guests - Sesso: male - Età del giocatore: Any age

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