PhD Sarah Collins, The Nobel Prize scientist #52 [Demetra - INTERNATIONAL]

PhD Sarah Collins
#52 - The Nobel Prize scientist

Interpretato da: M. S.

Motto: Being a great scientist is a great responsibility, and we have a duty to train the new generations of scientists who will ensure the planet and humanity a bright future.
Gruppo: The Prestigious Guests
Teaser: You walk among people, everyone admiring you. Years ago, when you were still a very young researcher, you won the Nobel Prize for Physiology thanks to your studies on the properties of wheat, which were the basis for the creation of the genetically modified variety that was the fortune of Demetra and humanity. When the company rised to peak of the world you were the protagonist of a billionaire lawsuit to have a percentage of the turnover, a trial that you lost, obtaining only a few coins of that immense fortune. The lawsuit made a lot of scandal and it is recent news you started collaborating with Mokos as a scientific consultant lately, something which hasn't been confirmed, nor denied. What it is really important though is that everybody knows that, thanks to your studies, humanity has been saved. Your private university is a really huge success. When you walk down the street, many point at you as the savior of humanity, an enlightened mind, or such high-sounding description: what most people can't understand is if they really flatter you or give you a terrible, inexplicable, annoyance.

KEY WORDS: Fame, Authority, Secrets, Greed, Guilt

Legami: You are very famous and few are those who do not know you, but just because you are introduced to so many people, you tend to forget about them. Of course you can not forget the very efficient Dr. Prudence Cartwright who was one of your students. It is said that you hate Catherine Rotschild and her stooge William Taylor for orchestrating your defeat in the lawsuit. Recently you became friends with Vladilena Kuznetov who brought you to Mokos. Ethan Walker shows you a sincere admiration.

Provenienza: Guests - Gruppo: The Prestigious Guests - Sesso: female - Età del giocatore: Over 35 - Consigli: Suitable for a mature player.

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