Sebastian Walker, The democratic senator's husband #60 [Demetra - INTERNATIONAL]

Motto: I'm no one. No one is perfect.
Gruppo: The Prestigious Guests
Teaser: You grasp the glass in front of you with a cloth and raise the volume of the television: they've dedicated an entire tv show to your wife's election campaign. After months of continuous tensions, she finally got the space she wanted, the space she deserves. You surprise yourself repeating every single word of that speech, you've been so close to her while she was repeating it, that you learned it by heart. You were close to her while dealing with the press, with the upper echelons, up to shining, proud for her achievements. There is nothing else you want. This is why you'll embody perfection in every circumstance, at home and in public. You will be perfect. Society has its own interpretations and you can identify them at any time, if it is necessary to use them for the family's good. The only stain you've not been able to clean yet is the behavior of that oafish of your son, who doesn't even think about following your steps. You grasp the glass in your hands more firmly and strongly you clean it from every imperfection. After all, you know, there is nothing that can't be achieved with a spirit of sacrifice and perseverance.

KEY WORDS: conformism, submission, resoluteness, refinement, virtue

Legami: Mary Walker is your wife and you could not have wished for a better woman. Your son Ethan is a source of concern for both, it seems that he doesn't want to behave properly. Once you were very closed to John Connoway, but now you don't see him anymore. Babel is a famous stylist, and his bold behaviour goes completely against public decency. Not so long ago you tried to promote a boycott to his fashion show, and you got closer to like-minded Beatrix Stewart and her husband Martin Stewart, who publicly oppose that wicked artist. They have all your sympathy.

Provenienza: Guests - Gruppo: The Prestigious Guests - Sesso: male - Età del giocatore: Any age

Altri membri del gruppo: The Prestigious Guests Kirk Douglas II (58 ) interpretato da AlexanderK; Nick Fitzgerald (56 ) interpretato da MattiaM; Mary Walker (53 ) interpretato da Inge-MetteP; Beatrix Stewart (55 ) interpretato da ChristineS; Claire Conway (54 ) interpretato da MariaP; Ethan Walker (57 ) interpretato da FrancescoD; PhD Sarah Collins (52 ) interpretato da MariaS; Edward Conway (62 ) interpretato da PelleJ; John Conway (61 ) interpretato da MartinM; Martin Stewart (59 ) interpretato da DennisS;