John Conway, The elderly husband of the Republican senator #61 [Demetra - INTERNATIONAL]

John Conway
#61 - The elderly husband of the Republican senator

Interpretato da: M. M.

Motto: Behind every great woman there's a great man.
Gruppo: The Prestigious Guests
Teaser: Being married to an ambitious woman, one of the best politicians of our time, is a burden. You need perfection in public, and patience in your private life. You are grateful to God for your privileged status, gained thanks to your wife. Your mental faculties are still untouched, although your body feels the weight of years. You are still very useful to your wife, at the best of your capability: her success is your success. Unfortunately, since she is coupled also with a much younger and healthier man, publicly, your role is changing: will you be able to prevail and conquest again the whole of your wife’s heart, showing her that young age, after all, isn’t the most important quality for a real man?

KEY WORDS: appearance, redemption, intelligence, jealousy, bigotry

Legami: Beth Rottermeier lived in your neighborhood when you were a child. Sometimes you nostalgically think of the games with her, compared to the power games in which you are entangled now. Edward Conway is the latest addition to your family.Your relationship with him is not easy. Often you spend time with Martin Stewart and Babel, they are two men who have found success and you like their independence. Claire Conway is the light of your eyes, you're madly in love with her and have always supported her.

Provenienza: Guests - Gruppo: The Prestigious Guests - Sesso: male - Età del giocatore: Any age

Altri membri del gruppo: The Prestigious Guests Ethan Walker (57 ) interpretato da FrancescoD; Martin Stewart (59 ) interpretato da DennisS; Edward Conway (62 ) interpretato da PelleJ; PhD Sarah Collins (52 ) interpretato da MariaS; Nick Fitzgerald (56 ) interpretato da MattiaM; Claire Conway (54 ) interpretato da MariaP; Beatrix Stewart (55 ) interpretato da ChristineS; Mary Walker (53 ) interpretato da Inge-MetteP; Kirk Douglas II (58 ) interpretato da AlexanderK; Sebastian Walker (60 ) ancora in cerca di interprete;