Diane Reed, The Demetra vice president #2 [Demetra - INTERNATIONAL]

Diane Reed
#2 - The Demetra vice president

Interpretato da: C. T.

Motto: The struggle for power can be terrible, but the struggle for the crumbs of power is always pathetic.
Gruppo: The Demetra Management
Teaser: Being close to full control, watching the creation of new empires and the collapse of old political ruins: these are real emotions. When you sit at your desk a smile always blooms on your face, as if the mask you wear is no longer able to hide your satisfaction. Demetra is great, and you with it. Ambition is a spur to improve, to change, instead of rotting like old derelicts still tied to the past. Once the useless weights are eliminated you can aim to grow greater and greater, and the road to your greatness is still long. You do not care if when you walk down the corridors the subordinates gossip, hiding their faces behind one hand: cruel; heartless; bitch. Thus they define you. You know who you are and, most importantly, the results speak fpoor themselves: only women able to fight for what they want deserve your respect, others will have only your derision. And be praise to Our Lady, at least most of the weaklings are silent in front of you: if those little helpless people ever say something sensible for once, you can almost call it a miracle.

KEY WORDS: leadership, ambition, cruelty, intransigence, pride

Legami: For years now you have directed the Demetra alongside Catherine Rothschild who can count on you for managing many tasks. You know by sight Isaac Rothschild although he barely entered the society. Your personal secretary Aaron Taylor helps you in managing your many commitments: many depend on your directives including Selene White whom you meet to discuss work. In a competitive environment there are few friendships that you can afford and one of these is Victoria Mahler, with whom you have often been seen talking. At some public meetings you have met Beatrix Stewart and also Mary Walker with whom you have exchanged interesting conversations; however, you have in Claire Conway, her political opponent, a dear childhood friend . In the past you have had clothes made by Babel.

Provenienza: The Demetra - Gruppo: The Demetra Management - Sesso: female - Età del giocatore: Any age - Consigli: Suitable for a player with leadership willing to play extreme and oppressive ideals.

Altri membri del gruppo: The Demetra Management Angela Dunn (3 ) interpretato da DevinS; Catherine Rothschild (1 ) interpretato da LucaN; Melanie McNauss (7 ) interpretato da KatharinaK; William Taylor (13 ) interpretato da AidanS; Selene White (5 ) interpretato da AnnachiaraS; Gabriel Cartwright Byrne (12 ) interpretato da JohannesO; Harry Miller né Williamson (14 ) interpretato da RaphD; Aaron Taylor (10 ) interpretato da YohannT; Isaac Rothschild (9 ) interpretato da AndréL; Sinéad Byrne (4 ) interpretato da Céline B; Abigail Miller (6 ) interpretato da WiboraB; Eleanor Bush (8 ) interpretato da MartinaR; Stan Hartman (11 ) interpretato da AlessandroA;