Mary ''Mayavati'' Morstan, The high-class prostitute #62 [Keystone - ENG 1]

Motto: She had only her body. Therefore she had everything.
Group: Mysterious Guests
Teaser: The day you were born, a curse was cast on you, when the midwife announced ''it's a girl!''. Because from an early age you've known what women are worth to the world: nothing but servants, nothing but prostitutes, nothing but prisoners.
But you, like few others, understood that your body means power. That what men subjugate and chastise is indeed the thing they most lust for and fear. In a world that makes trading its only sinister driving force, you've been able to transmute your curse into a gift, and by trading yourself you have turned into the most splendid and desired successful woman.
Your story is not a tale for schoolgirls nor a parable of virtue, but from this stage the impatient public demands action and results. What matters is success. Humiliation, tears and blood are a price sobbed into a pillow many years ago; your shining rise is instead a masterpiece that has no equal. Trained in the most sensual and exquisite techniques, educated in the most precious and exotic aesthetics, you are a work of art worthy of the highest bidder only. For artists you are a divinity to be taken as a model. For every man you are a treasure to be conquered, even if the price is commiting follies, squandering money, destroying families and committing crimes.
You are rich, even though you do not own anything. She never worked, men say. She's worthless, say the ladies. But the latter envy you, while the former crave you. You move in the world with the lightness of fire and the glow of a star, while everybody put their hands over their eyes so as not to be dazzled. Few can understand the origin of your power. There are women devoted to the struggle of making this power triumph. It is the power of being a woman, of being free, of belonging only to oneself. It is with nothing but yourself that you've built your fortune.

Relations: She loathes Lady Johanna: she considers her a rich hypocrite. She is a friend of Shelley Ruthven's. She spent a lot of time in the Orient, where she met Arjuna and started a relationship with Lord Terence, who gave her a certain amount of wealth and with whom she got back to the Occident.

Upstairs or Downstairs: Upstairs - Group: Mysterious Guests - Nationality: British - Gender: Female - Player's Age: Young - 36 years or less - Advices: A character with a strong sensuality, will be at the center of erotic and sentimental plots, and will have to be able to show seductive and sensual qualities, which also lead to duplicity

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