Arjuna Ghalib, The exotic servant #16 [Keystone - ENG 1]

Arjuna Ghalib
#16 - The exotic servant

Interpretato da: G. A.

Motto: I’m like a plant that grows on bare rock: the more the wind blows on me, the deeper I sink my roots.
Group: Servants of the Guests
Teaser: An exotic ornament put on display to amaze and to admire, this is Arjuna, and the smile that often passes fleetingly over the outlandish face reveals a full, and perhaps smug, awareness. An always steady, shrewd and courteous personality cannot but be considered as an ideal servant in refined English parlours, yet around this figure there remains a slight spiced aura of mystery caused by being born in a distant colony full of charm: India, with its myths and legends. If it is true that Arjuna’s delicate step does not disrupt the quiet of the house, it is certainly also true that Arjuna’s presence cannot go unnoticed nor be confused with that of the ordinary servants; so, while Arjuna advances in life, there are those who whisper that the servant is the Indian Viceroy’s watchdog, whose job it is to control the Viceroy’s turbulent scion, Lord Terence. Actually, such rumors would seem to be true, because often some whispered words or a slight wave of Arjuna’s hand calms the young man who then goes from commanding to obeying. An enigmatic and yet imperturbable figure, Arjuna stays at the side of the noble Master in order to fulfill his every desire, but also to keep in check inappropriate haughtiness and the excesses that the Master is accustomed to indulge in with lingering and extreme profligacy.

Relations: In Calcutta, while in the service of Lord Terence, he met Willliam Monck on one of his travels. Arjuna has shown prior knowledge of the name of Sir Charles Cowdery. Edmond Roncourt, that stupid arrogant Frenchman, has shown himself to despise Arjuna’s race. Judith Price often asks the servant to tell her Indian stories and legends, and Candide Artoise always manages to listen to these tales. When still in India, Arjuna met Mary Morstan.

Upstairs or Downstairs: Downstairs - Group: Servants of the Guests - Nationality: Other - Gender: Unisex - Player's Age: Adult - 28 years or more - Advices: A complex character who presents an active game and is involved in intrigues and mysteries. You will receive some *binding* guidelines from the staff.

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