Friedrich Gunter Kroyer, The explorer archaeologist #63 [Keystone - ENG 1]

Friedrich Gunter Kroyer
#63 - The explorer archaeologist

Interpretato da: D. B.

Motto: In resurrecting the dead to life we become more intensely alive, and elevating ourselves to this fullness we can exist in the best way before we too become earth, for nothing else is given to us. The rest is secondary, or illusion.
Group: Mysterious Guests
Teaser: If museums and private collections all over the world may boast ancient remarkable artifacts to study history of peoples now buried by the dust of centuries, we mainly owe them to men like Friedrich Gunter Kroyer. The entierty of humankind must feel the desire to know its origins. Following this law at the beginning of his career, Friedrich dug, craving for knowledge, to unearth priceless pieces from the past for the benefit of posterity. Over time he began to dig with the ambition of a valiant, dauntless and visionary man. The deeper he went, the more he craved to occupy the highest position intended for great and famous archaeologists. A belief that his name deserved to be written in gold letters, engraved on stone in perpetual memory of his work and actions Sprouted up in him, as were the names of the kings and pharaohs he had studied for so long. Finally, Friedrich dug obsessively, mingling with African indigenous tribes that still retain ancient traditions and rituals in order to experience them and capture their ineffable beauty and depth. He sought those meanings that would justify the existence of artifacts, languages and rituals whose function had been lost in time. But no compass is capable of directing a scholar among ancestral mysteries when there are no reference points to cling to, and the risk of losing the path of wisdom and the light of reason is always lurking.

Relations: At a reception at the British Embassy he met the ambassador's servant, Scarlett Owen, because of an amusing incident of a few drops of champagne dripped on his jacket. He is friend to Heinrich von Wissman, since he was appointed as archaeologist in Ethiopia thanks to him. In that capacity he worked side by side with Gaetano Osculati. In his youth, he met Joseph Emmanuel Wedder, when they were both very different men.

Upstairs or Downstairs: Upstairs - Group: Mysterious Guests - Nationality: German - Gender: Male - Player's Age: Any age - Advices: Character suitable for a player who does not like being too close to the spotlight, but who keeps interesting information and is therefore involved in plots linked to mystical and esoteric themes. Suitable for players who want to experience a certain degree of madness.

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