Arthur Edward Waite, The scholar of the occult #61 [Keystone - ENG 1]

Arthur Edward Waite
#61 - The scholar of the occult

Interpretato da: L. F.

Motto: Under the vast ocean of human history flow the subterranean currents of secret sects. In these depths, changes that occur on the surface are often determined.
Group: Mysterious Guests
Teaser: If there is living proof that it is not necessary at all to be educated by the most outstanding teachers or to be born to a noble family in order to achieve extraordinary heights of knowledge, Arthur Edward Waite is certainly such proof. Even his closest friends are ignorant both of his origins and of what encouraged him to devote every second of his time to the study of Eliphas Levi and of every written work that could cast light upon alchemy, astrology, magic, mysticism and divination, both famous and obscure... It was the latter art that made him well loved in many High Society circles. Whether it be a studied mask or an innate nature, his bearing impresses the majority: his sardonic smile, the witty answers always swiftly given, while his eye lingers on every little detail. However, it must be quite common to feel susceptible to the not infrequently sarcastic and pungent judgment of a gentleman renowned for being able to grasp in men and time the symbols of a powerful past or of a future that is still developing.

Relations: He came across Shelley Ruthven at the British Museum and, as reported by those who were present, fascinated by her figure, he immediately insisted on having a cup of tea together. He had a close correspondence with Margaret Alice Murray, Joseph Emmanuel Wedder and Monsignor Giulio Orazio Mattei. He is often invited to receptions at Lord Cadogan's and Lady Johanna McEwan's abode. It seems that he is not too keen to meet Dominique Lamaire in company.
Waite has often conversed with Katharine Douglas Scott, a Scottish Earl's daughter who assiduously attends the gatherings of English high society about occultism and tradition.

Upstairs or Downstairs: Upstairs - Group: Mysterious Guests - Nationality: British - Gender: Male - Player's Age: Any age - Advices: Arthur is a character with strong ambitions and personal goals and oriented to the investigation of mysteries. Suitable for an active and extroverted player who does not have problems with hard themes, including of a sexual nature. - Those who choose the character must be available to offer themselves for intense and particular scenes, which for some may be unpleasant or embarrassing

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