Shelley Ruthven, The decadent dandy #47 [Keystone - ENG 1]

Shelley Ruthven
#47 - The decadent dandy

Interpretato da: D. R.

Motto: Death and profanity are the only things the XIX century failed explain
Group: Artists and intellectuals
Teaser: These young dandies who infest the streets of London take such pains to look original and unique but in essence they are nothing more than a mask worn by a mediocre actor. One does not concern oneself with about appearing, one simply is. One does not intend to make one's life a work of art, it is art that yearns to be inspired by one's life. One makes no effort to seduce, it is others who flock foroward, not as senseless moths attracted by the flame but by the ambiguous mystery that permits a gradual reveal, a morsel at a time.
The true hunter is the one who prowls in the shadows. The one who appears coy and elusive becomes the object of the most uncontrollable desire. Your outlandish excesses and eccentric ways are not cloying deceptiveness. The parasols with which you walk around the city, the dark glasses constantly worn, your clothes impeccable but eclectic and démodé, as if careless of fleeting fashions but live in a chronology all your own: all this turns you into the unwilling primary subject of discussion in society which admires you in whispers, dazzled by your charm but irreverent to your back. You are dazed by an almost obsessive reserve, yet there are invitation cards for every party, every parlour. You do not need to ask: there is always someone to offer you his favour. Everyone wants a teste of that mysterious nectar that you emanate with your mere presence. There is no subject that exceeds your experience. You talk of literature and fashion, of news and art, of history and fantasy. It is no coincidence that writers compete to have you for dinner and converse with you and painters to be inspired by your charm. Secretly you presume to believe that no mortal hand could capture and portray your true self.

Relations: You crossed paths with Arthur Edward Waite at the British Museum and, after an impulsive invitation to take a tea together, a spontaneous friendship was born. During your travels at sea you met William Monck toward whom you felt curiosity and sympathy. Mary Morstan is a dear friend of yours. You had a correspondence with Ashley Wetmore.

Upstairs or Downstairs: Upstairs - Group: Artists and intellectuals - Nationality: Other - Gender: Unisex - Player's Age: Any age - Advices: A very charismatic character, will have to be able to manage attentions of all kinds and be at ease with strong themes, romantic developments and sentimental attention from both sexes. You will receive some guidelines from the staff.

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