William Monck, The valet who was a sailor #20 [Keystone - ENG 1]

William Monck
#20 - The valet who was a sailor

Interpretato da: G. G.

Motto: You know who the good seamen are when the storm comes.
Group: Servants of the Guests
Teaser: Sailors love to tell stories of sea monsters and infernal storms that the open sea can hurl at ships. They do it like professional actors on the stage of a crowded theatre. And while they describe the most intense and frightening parts, they amuse themselves by holding their breath for several moments, waiting in silence in order to increase the suspense. They widen their chests and stand up in their complacency of being surviving heroes. It's not like that for William Monck. When someone, driven by curiosity, asks for his sailing stories, he yields like a sail to the wind, and his face becomes grim like a wrecked brigantine, drifting towards the darkness of the night. He replies that the past is not important, and that the severe pains he suffers in his face and temple stole his future on ships. Then he takes his leave, stuttering a few disconnected words, maybe something about a curse, a sorcery or a hex. Some merchants at the port of Brighton tell stories about how a captain threw William Monck out of his ship, after finding him curled up and in tears in the galley. He was punching himself in the corner between his nose and upper lip and shaking so hard, that his bones cracked like the mast of a rocking vessel. A few days later that vessel sank, while William was watching the horizon from the window of a stately house where he, as a servant, began to serve.

Relations: He is the personal valet of Emmeline Pankhurst for whom he tries to be essential. His past on ships led him to meet reputable people like Gaetano Osculati with whom he talked about his profession and his latest discoveries, and like Shelley Ruthven. He was seen to go off alone with Lena Reinhart. As his lady suggested, he was visited by Leonard Warren-Hopkins because of his sudden pains in the temple. In Calcutta, when he was much younger, he met Arjuna.

Upstairs or Downstairs: Downstairs - Group: Servants of the Guests - Nationality: Other - Gender: Male - Player's Age: Adult - 28 years or more - Advices: This is a character focused on popular beliefs and the superstition of being cursed. Suitable for proactive players and players who like to involve others in their game, without excluding involvement in mysteries and investigation plots.

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