Eusapia Palladino, The Medium #65 [Keystone - ENG 1]

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Motto: Naturally, the supernatural haunts us
Group: Mysterious Guests
Teaser: A dark room, a round table at the centre of it and just the feeble light of a candle to brighten the scene. Men and women of good European society seated holding hands, forming a circle where she is the alpha and the omega. A peasant girl from the Murge, polished in manners and properly educated, who guides them in the mazes of the kingdom of spirits. Suddenly a mysterious sound, and breath chokes in the throat, the air becomes stifling. Everyone will be able to testify that at that exact moment her chair began to levitate as raised by the very hands of God or Satan, who can say? A deep voice which does not correspond to her true timbre flows from her lips and utters sinister phrases, incomprehensible to most. A channel between the mortal and the immortal world, a medium endowed with powers never before observed in any human being, transformed as clay by the hands of a skilled potter: from the little shepherdess from southern Italy to a symbol of mediumistic lore. Praised in the European courts, studied by contemporary luminaries, challenged, accused of fraud, manipulated by the powerful, that's what it means being a Medium: a life serving a higher purpose, where there is no room left for anything else. And indeed this is the century when every marvel seems possible, Eusapia Palladino is a living testimony of it.

Relations: Paolo Valera slandered her name in a newspaper article, Arthur Edoward Waite strenuously defended her, claiming that never has the mortal realm been graced by a more powerful medium than her. Word has it there is bad blood between Eusapia and Margaret Murray. She met Lord Scarborough several times during her mediumistic sessions, on these same occasions she met Volker Beckmann who seems to be an interesting man. Giovan Battista Borghese attended one of her sessions in the past during his journey to Rome.

Upstairs or Downstairs: Upstairs - Group: Mysterious Guests - Nationality: Italian - Gender: Female - Player's Age: Adult - 28 years or more - Advices: Very active character, included in many plots. Suitable for a player who loves intrigues and is talented at social relationships. It is advisable for the player who wishes to choose her to prepare herself to be the center of attention and to participate in agreed upon scenes. She will receive directions from staff.

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