Hallur, The Voice of the Faith #31 [Beyond the Wall]

#31 - The Voice of the Faith

Interpretato da: J. F.

Motto: Listen to the voice of the wind and I will lead you to your destiny!
Group: Free Folk
Teaser: Hallur has always said: the rustle of leaves, the sound of ice and the sing of birds are nothing more that signs that the strong souls shall read to travel the path that will lead them to the greatness. For long Hallur has been feeling that something is changing, that the usual life that all the Iced-River Spears know is over; and to ensure that they listen to their words they tell to all the Clan the truth about the Wild Woods. So far nobody ever wondered how much of this truth has been accepted in their hearth and in their soul.

Relations: Hallur knows well Strydel and in their past they shared a lot of personal thoughts. Together with Shatar they are the voice of wisdom, but while the oldest lady has a practical approach, Hallur speaks through symbols and for this reason they always listen to Ingir when he speaks about his dreams. Hallur looks at Dragr with severity wondering about his health and tries to comfort the unfortunate Bergvin, an old friend.

Origin: Free Folk - Group: Free Folk - Gender: unisex - Player's Age: any age

Altri membri del gruppo: Free Folk Elrima (1 ) interpretato da Vasileia OuraniaK; Nethe (2 ) interpretato da LucyH; Seryme (3 ) interpretato da elisac; Yrlin (4 ) interpretato da BettyB; Shatar (5 ) interpretato da DeboraM; Kyrlin (6 ) interpretato da AstridI; Munwen (7 ) interpretato da Giulia ChiaraC; Kefire (8 ) interpretato da ClaireB; Ingir (9 ) interpretato da JavierC; Styrdel (10 ) interpretato da Dario Luigi AldoU; Bjoramyr (11 ) interpretato da RichardC; Dragr (12 ) interpretato da JonathanG; Jallen Oldflowers (24 ) interpretato da gianmariag; Bergvin (29 ) interpretato da MarianneC;