Yrlin, The Chieftain's daughter #4 [Beyond the Wall]

#4 - The Chieftain's daughter

Interpretato da: B. B.

Motto: The freedom to be wrong is what I always wanted.
Group: Free Folk
Teaser: When the world crashes under your feet it is easy to misinterpret and not understand the actions of people around you. And if it happens when you're young the risk is even worse.
Yrin is the youngest of the group, and her hunger for indipendence shows up in verbal and physical fights become every day more frequent. Yrlin is indipendent, rebellious, and she has always been that way. She is also the chieftain's daughter and she has always accepted the consequences of her actions. A scar is a sign of pride and fierceness, and it is better to gain a bad wound than quietly obey someone else's orders. Isn't this freedom?

Relations: Since her mother, Elrima, has taken the leadership, tension has been growing. She has great respect for her aunt, Seryme, and her warlike behaviour. She is impressed by Ingir's skills, and she has built a strong friendship with him. Dreki treats her well, but she doesn't know why.

Origin: Free Folk - Group: Free Folk - Gender: female - Player's Age: 23 or less

Altri membri del gruppo: Free Folk Elrima (1 ) interpretato da Vasileia OuraniaK; Nethe (2 ) interpretato da LucyH; Seryme (3 ) interpretato da elisac; Shatar (5 ) interpretato da DeboraM; Kyrlin (6 ) interpretato da AstridI; Munwen (7 ) interpretato da Giulia ChiaraC; Kefire (8 ) interpretato da ClaireB; Ingir (9 ) interpretato da JavierC; Styrdel (10 ) interpretato da Dario Luigi AldoU; Bjoramyr (11 ) interpretato da RichardC; Dragr (12 ) interpretato da JonathanG; Jallen Oldflowers (24 ) interpretato da gianmariag; Bergvin (29 ) interpretato da MarianneC; Hallur (31 ) interpretato da JeremyF;