Styrdel, The Bard #10 [Beyond the Wall]

Interpretato da: D. U.

Motto: Without music, life would be a mistake.
Group: Free Folk
Teaser: Some people would say he is a man with many faces. In his group many find him a weasel, maybe because of his attitude around women, but just a few people would have the guts to confront him. He’s opinionated and when he has a goal in mind there’s nothing that can distract him. Music and tales are his best tools and he can always count on them to seduce and to charm someone. Styrdel can be sardonic and bitter, as well as rational and accomodating, if this can be useful to achieve his goals.

Relations: Some people say he has an affair with Munwen. However, he has recently become closer to Nethe, so there are doubts about the affair. Elrima is the clan's guide and she doesn’t seem to like the amount of time that the bard spends with her dear friend. On the other hand Styrdel doesn't like Elrima as clan’s chief, specially in these hard times. Some time ago he accused Kefire of stealing, and from that day she hates him, just because he told the truth about her to the clan: this is ridiculous!

Origin: Free Folk - Group: Free Folk - Gender: male - Player's Age: 30 or less

Altri membri del gruppo: Free Folk Seryme (3 ) interpretato da elisa c; Shatar (5 ) interpretato da Debora M; Elrima (1 ) interpretato da Vasileia Ourania K; Kyrlin (6 ) interpretato da Astrid I; Ingir (9 ) interpretato da Javier C; Bjoramyr (11 ) interpretato da Richard C; Munwen (7 ) interpretato da Giulia Chiara C; Jallen Oldflowers (24 ) interpretato da gianmaria g; Nethe (2 ) interpretato da Lucy H; Hallur (31 ) interpretato da Jeremy F; Dragr (12 ) interpretato da Jonathan G; Bergvin (29 ) interpretato da Marianne C; Kefire (8 ) interpretato da Claire B; Yrlin (4 ) interpretato da Betty B;