Kyrlin, The traveller #6 [Beyond the Wall]

#6 - The traveller

Interpretato da: A. I.

Motto: The north wind blows through my hair and pushes me to faraway lands
Group: Free Folk
Teaser: Kyrlin visited every place in the North, there is no river, forest, hill or clear she hasn't explored. She met many different clans, but she has always been loyal to her people. There was no reason to doubt her, despite her long absences and prolongued trips. When people from the Clan ask her questions, she always leaves a shade of mistery in her accounts, and no one knows if what she tells is true, or just a lie. Travelling alone, she learned how to stitch wounds and cure minor illnesses, and thanks to her skills with the bow she always knows how to feed herself.

Relations: Munwen was Kyrlin's best friend, but now they almost don't speak to one another because of Styrdel the bard. Kefire has been accused of theft, but in Kyrlin's opinion she might be innocent. In her travels she met many people, and sometimes she remembers their faces or their names, as for Weslar and Rick, two Crows. Jallen joined the clan recently, and once he was a Crow too.

Origin: Free Folk - Group: Free Folk - Gender: female - Player's Age: any age - Advices: uses bow and arrows - Archetypes: healer

Altri membri del gruppo: Free Folk Elrima (1 ) interpretato da Vasileia OuraniaK; Nethe (2 ) interpretato da LucyH; Seryme (3 ) interpretato da elisac; Yrlin (4 ) interpretato da BettyB; Shatar (5 ) interpretato da DeboraM; Munwen (7 ) interpretato da Giulia ChiaraC; Kefire (8 ) interpretato da ClaireB; Ingir (9 ) interpretato da JavierC; Styrdel (10 ) interpretato da Dario Luigi AldoU; Bjoramyr (11 ) interpretato da RichardC; Dragr (12 ) interpretato da JonathanG; Jallen Oldflowers (24 ) interpretato da gianmariag; Bergvin (29 ) interpretato da MarianneC; Hallur (31 ) interpretato da JeremyF;