Elrima, The clan chief's wife #1 [Beyond the Wall]

#1 - The clan chief's wife

Interpretato da: V. K.

Motto: It is better to die free than to live as a slave
Group: Free Folk
Teaser: She never stopped fighting to ensure the safety of her comrades, before as loyal clan chief's wife, now as a leader. As every woman of the free folk she always shows a great fierceness and is not afraid of facing who claims titles higher or undertakings bigger than hers. To Elrima, traditions have always meant everything, but now that the burden of command is on her she asks herself which is the better choice for everybody. Freedom is the biggest treasure, but what good it is being free if this choice could bring all of them to death?

Relations: She is the leader of the survivors' group. Among them there are her sister Seryme and her daughter Yrlin. She has great affection for Nethe, who has always been loyal to her. Jallen joined the clan recently, he's a Crow who abandoned the black and Elrima hopes it wasn't a mistake to accept him in her clan. Omi is in bad light in the clan since he joined. However, you trust his blade.

Origin: Free Folk - Group: Free Folk - Gender: female - Player's Age: 30 or more

Altri membri del gruppo: Free Folk Seryme (3 ) interpretato da elisac; Shatar (5 ) interpretato da DeboraM; Kyrlin (6 ) interpretato da AstridI; Ingir (9 ) interpretato da JavierC; Bjoramyr (11 ) interpretato da RichardC; Styrdel (10 ) interpretato da Dario Luigi AldoU; Munwen (7 ) interpretato da Giulia ChiaraC; Jallen Oldflowers (24 ) interpretato da gianmariag; Nethe (2 ) interpretato da LucyH; Hallur (31 ) interpretato da JeremyF; Dragr (12 ) interpretato da JonathanG; Bergvin (29 ) interpretato da MarianneC; Kefire (8 ) interpretato da ClaireB; Yrlin (4 ) interpretato da BettyB;