Jallen Oldflowers, The freed Crow - ORGANIZERS' CHARACTER #24 [Beyond the Wall]

Jallen Oldflowers
#24 - The freed Crow - ORGANIZERS' CHARACTER

Interpretato da: g. g.

Motto: Betrayal is a form of self-defense.
Group: Free Folk
Teaser: Life in the sunny upland...the strict rules of Castle Black...and not even the desolate lands north the Wall managed to pacify his temper. Despite the excellent qualities to become a brave fighter, he preferred to dedicate himself to the pleasures of life rather than to combat. He has never been a lover of order or rules to respect and despite his intemperance often caused him great trouble, he never thought about changing. What do traditions, morals and hierarchies to respect even matter? To him the only way to go is the freedom of following your own instinct. Once he left the Night's Watch, he sought his way north of the Wall, and now lives with the Free Folk, just like one of them.

Relations: Ser Finnegan Tully and August Glover have been his companions at Castle Black. When he left the Crows, Bjoramyr was one of the first to trust him and to share secrets and abilities. Kefire likes him and knows what it's like to be surrounded by people that don't trust you, so they became friends". On the contrary, Dreki doesn't like him at all.

Origin: Free Folk - Group: Free Folk - Gender: male - Player's Age: any age

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