Chili, The daring explorer in love with freedom #16 [Against All Flags - FR]

#16 - The daring explorer in love with freedom

Played by : A. B.

Motto: Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.
Group: Avery's group
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Libertalia was founded in 1682 by Mission  , Tew and Caraccioli  . Avery took refuge there in 1690, when she became the most wanted pirate captain in the world. Her group includes two members of her old crew, Indigo   and Hunter  , and several Malagasy who have joined over time for various reasons: Karma  , Tamatave  , Similay   and Salazar  . Chili   and Bellamy   joined the group in 1692. The newest addition, Plomb  , moved from Tew's group to Mission's group in 1696.

Avery's group is distinguished by having been in Libertalia for less time than Mission's. However, it is made up of free sisters who contributed decisively to its development into the pirate republic it is now.


Even when you are not the one chasing her, adventure has a way of always finding you. Before joining the free sisters, you collected a series of exploits that made you famous throughout the courts of Europe. You have a great aptitude for discovery. Your sharp mind is always on the lookout for new mysteries to unravel. There is no treasure you cannot find, no riddle you cannot solve, no artefact you cannot understand. And, when things go wrong, your faithful muskets always get you out of trouble. But there is knowledge that brings with it dangers of another kind. Who knows if you are ready for them.


You and Bellamy   are inseparable. Betsiley   is a dear friend.
You met Similay   and Hunter   before coming to Libertalia.
You have been able to collaborate with Plomb   and test his skills.
Seadog   has interesting maps.
You and Tamatave   compete in jokes.
You have clashed with Tortuga   in the past.
You esteem Caraccioli   above any other free sister.
Granada's   roaring laughter sounds like something out of a nightmare and causes you inexplicable fear.

- - Group: Avery's group - Nation: Spain - Character's Age (playable by anyone): any - Keywords: Treasures Muskets Adventure

Other members of the group: Avery's group Similay (18 ) Played by CARLA I; Hunter (14 ) Played by Tom M; Bellamy (17 ) Played by Cédric F; Indigo (13 ) Played by Eric P; Tamatave (15 ) Played by Melanie I; Plomb (20 ) Played by Sébastien M; Salazar (19 ) Played by Gaëlle B; Avery (11 ) Played by Sébastien J; Karma (NPC) (12 ) still looking for its player ;