Granada, The smart bomb-maker buccaneer #24 [Against All Flags - FR]

#24 - The smart bomb-maker buccaneer

Played by : T. B.

Motto: Boldness bears within it brilliance and strength
Group: Fuego's group
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Libertalia was founded in 1682 by Mission  , Tew and Caraccioli  . Its fame has grown over the years and has recently attracted Fuego and her crew. After freeing the Malagasy Betsiley  , who had been part of Avery's group for years, from an English prison, Fuego and the others let her guide them to Libertalia. For a month they became part of the free sisters. Betsiley stayed with them to help them settle in. They have brought a breath of fresh air and enthusiastic energy.

Fuego's group is defined by having only been in Libertalia for a month. However, they strongly wanted to find it and be part of it. They also are the owners of the ship on which all the free sisters now find themselves.


Ah! There is no better scent than that of gunpowder. When you throw your grenades toward the enemy and then hold your rifle to finish off those left standing, you feel that you are doing what you were born to do. And that brings you joy. Battlefields echo with your irrepressible, powerful laughter as the excitement of fighting soaks your every muscle. Friends and foes alike, everyone looks up to you, and it is hard not to notice your noisy presence in combat. Once the fight is over, the brawling begins. You love to celebrate your and your free sisters' successes with good food and alcohol. What a way to live!


You, Plomb   and Papillon   have known each other for a long time.
You and Lizard   have bonded.
Seadog   owes you his life.
You had a beef with Fuego  .
You esteem Kraken  , even though she considers you exaggerated. You always follow Skully's   directions.
Chili   seems to fear you and you want to make her understand that she has no reason to.

- - Group: Fuego's group - Nation: Spain - Character's Age (playable by anyone): adult - Advices: This character will receive a rental rifle from organizers, paying €25 - Keywords: Bombs Good humor Vigor

Other members of the group: Fuego's group Azure (28 ) Played by Tazé J; Rascal (25 ) Played by Valérie B; Fuego (21 ) Played by Philippe T; Betsiley (27 ) Played by Melanie T; Kassidy (29 ) Played by GONZALES P; Papillon (23 ) Played by Marchand M; Seadog (30 ) Played by Benjamin R; McKenzie (26 ) Played by Geoffroy S; Skully (NPC) (22 ) still looking for its player ;