Seadog, The brilliant cartographer who sees far away #30 [Against All Flags - FR]

#30 - The brilliant cartographer who sees far away

Played by : B. R.

Motto: X never marks the spot
Group: Fuego's group
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Libertalia was founded in 1682 by Mission  , Tew and Caraccioli  . Its fame has grown over the years and has recently attracted Fuego and her crew. After freeing the Malagasy Betsiley  , who had been part of Avery's group for years, from an English prison, Fuego and the others let her guide them to Libertalia. For a month they became part of the free sisters. Betsiley stayed with them to help them settle in. They have brought a breath of fresh air and enthusiastic energy.

Fuego's group is defined by having only been in Libertalia for a month. However, they strongly wanted to find it and be part of it. They also are the owners of the ship on which all the free sisters now find themselves.


There is something about interpreting a map that exhilarates and captures you. Perhaps because it requires precision and a mathematical mind like yours. Even when maps are not involved, your mind plumbs everything around it. It observes details, compares them and uncovers hidden correspondences. But your mind is not the only endowment nature has provided you with. You have a sense of the sea rare to find, which makes you a true sea wolf. You are the first to notice a change in the waves or if something is wrong. You are a shrewd and capable lookout. And this has already saved you more than once.


Hunter   is an old acquaintance of yours.
You, Azure   and Kassidy   are inseparable.
You want to get to know Caraccioli   better.
Chili   is very interested in your maps.
You and Papillon   clashed hard during the escape.
You owe your life to Granada  .
You love playing tricks on McKenzie  

- - Group: Fuego's group - Nation: England - Character's Age (playable by anyone): adult - Keywords: Curiosity Riddles Experience

Other members of the group: Fuego's group Azure (28 ) Played by Tazé J; Rascal (25 ) Played by Valérie B; Fuego (21 ) Played by Philippe T; Betsiley (27 ) Played by Melanie T; Granada (24 ) Played by Thierry B; Kassidy (29 ) Played by GONZALES P; Papillon (23 ) Played by Marchand M; McKenzie (26 ) Played by Geoffroy S; Skully (NPC) (22 ) still looking for its player ;