Caraccioli (NPC), The theorist of egalitarianism that keeps everyone in line #31 [Against All Flags - FR]

Motto: Great men, from the first to the last, are all in constant search of a better world
Group: The soul of Libertalia


You have been there from the beginning and will be there until the end. Libertalia was born from your heart and mind. You still have so many ideas for Libertalia and it is only right that the others listen to you. You are filled with despair at the fact that your group stayed behind to protect your escape. You would have wanted to stay with them, but the other captains would not listen to reason and forcibly loaded you onto La Grace. You hope you can find some free sisters from your group still alive.


Kassidy   has cured you recently. Seadog   approaches you often.
Mission   does not fully share your idealism, and her pragmatism reeks of corruption to you. Avery   would like her voice to carry more weight, but she risks provoking constant clashes with her attitude. Fuego   has not yet figured out how things work in Libertalia. Tortuga   is like a daughter to you. McKenzie   has understood the importance of the code and you want to make her master of ceremonies. You can trust Chili  , who thinks highly of you. You routinely talk with Hunter   about the principles of anarchy. You and Azure   always clash.
You care a lot about Similay   and have funded her studies abroad.

- - Group: The soul of Libertalia - Nation: Italy - Character's Age (playable by anyone): adult - Advices: This character is an NPC, she will be played by an organizer. - Keywords: Intransigence Anarchy Insight

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