Tamatave, The indomitable warrior with a magnet for trouble #15 [Against All Flags - FR]

#15 - The indomitable warrior with a magnet for trouble

Played by : M. I.

Motto: In critical situations recklessness takes the place of wisdom.
Group: Avery's group
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Libertalia was founded in 1682 by Mission  , Tew and Caraccioli  . Avery took refuge there in 1690, when she became the most wanted pirate captain in the world. Her group includes two members of her old crew, Indigo   and Hunter  , and several Malagasy who have joined over time for various reasons: Karma  , Tamatave  , Similay   and Salazar  . Chili   and Bellamy   joined the group in 1692. The newest addition, Plomb  , moved from Tew's group to Mission's group in 1696.

Avery's group is distinguished by having been in Libertalia for less time than Mission's. However, it is made up of free sisters who contributed decisively to its development into the pirate republic it is now.


They say you have quicksilver on you Tamatave. That you never stop and are always up to something. Your exploits and constant twists and turns bring joy to the community of Libertalia, but sometimes in order to get away from those you've driven mad, you have to run like the wind and climb where no one can reach you. Then comes the time of battle, and every free sister wants to have you by her side. You descend like a storm upon your enemies, your eyes shining and your skin quivering. And no one can contain the intoxication that grips you in those moments.


Although you value each other, you and Kimera   have clashed in the past.
You and Indigo   are good friends. Hunter   is a reference figure for you.
You, Similay   and Betsiley   grew up together.
Karma   is like a mother to you, but you do not always follow her advice.
Salazar   always has to treat you after your rambunctious exploits.
You and Chili   play pranks.
When he arrived in Libertalia, you felt as if you had seen Rascal   before.

- - Group: Avery's group - Nation: Madagascar - Character's Age (playable by anyone): young - Keywords: Bad girl Belonging Peripatetic

Other members of the group: Avery's group Similay (18 ) Played by CARLA I; Hunter (14 ) Played by Tom M; Bellamy (17 ) Played by Cédric F; Indigo (13 ) Played by Eric P; Plomb (20 ) Played by Sébastien M; Salazar (19 ) Played by Gaëlle B; Chili (16 ) Played by Alix B; Avery (11 ) Played by Sébastien J; Karma (NPC) (12 ) still looking for its player ;