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Jonathan Lagos, The penitent - #3

Jonathan Lagos
#3 - The penitent

Personaggio de [ character for ] Icarus - run italiana - Interpretato da [ played by ]: A. A.

Player's notes:

Motto: Coherence tends to drive history to less tolerable directions.
Work Group: Mining Team

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“Diggers you say? We’re fricking heroes!”
The mining activities are the reason why Icarus station has been built, and ore extraction is what keeps the business running. The company, Mars and Earth see mining activities as paramount, and according to their plans they are to be considered a priority. The asteroid is littered with uranium ore deposits and radon gas pockets: the ore is extracted everyday, after proper prospecting, and then checked for quality and impurities, while the gas pockets are much more difficult to find. Kowmang also grants bonus money to mining, management and science lab personnel, whenever the extracted ore exceeds the production quota by a fixed amount. Miners are definitely the backbone of Icarus Station: their work is hard and not without risks; the environment is dangerous and toxic: workers need to wear suits and depend on personal oxygen tanks while operating in the Mining Zone, which is a dark and scary place. Daily medical check-ups are in order to ensure the miners’s health.

Teaser: It happens that an asteroid can change its trajectory, because of the stronger gravity of another planet. Human behaviour is often similar to the asteroid. Traumatic experiences were the gravity in J. Lagos' life. They are not logical, and so they're more powerful than any ideology. How many deaths can a conscience bear? J. Lagos knows it very well, and thus chose to work on Icarus Station. During mining and drilling shifts, J. builds the future by analysing the past, in order to avoid old mistakes. It’s very hard to have to keep your head down while being harshly berated by your boss, and to bear the load of this dangerous work - nonetheless, Lagos is more and more confident that the miners, and all Belters, need a non-violent way to achieve their rights.

Relations: Donovan is never going to learn from past mistakes, probably being too stupid, damaged and crazy. A similar mindset and brilliant conversation with Maathai formed a bond, but now this relationship is growing stronger and they have to come to terms with being a Martian and a Belter. Berg is as stupid as the asteroid itself, and sees the universe only in black and white. J. Kowalski is not a very supportive boss. Scolding and insults are often around the corner. Weintraub and Echo seem very interested in Lagos: the first seems suspicious and aggresive, the second is simply friendly.

- Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

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