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Cain Silva, The scarred vengeful Earther - #76

Cain Silva
#76 - The scarred vengeful Earther

Personaggio de [ character for ] Icarus - run italiana - Interpretato da [ played by ]: R. C.

Player's notes:

Motto: You'll get what you deserve. Truth is going to get out.
Work Group: Mining Team

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“Diggers you say? We’re fricking heroes!”
The mining activities are the reason why Icarus station has been built, and ore extraction is what keeps the business running. The company, Mars and Earth see mining activities as paramount, and according to their plans they are to be considered a priority. The asteroid is littered with uranium ore deposits and radon gas pockets: the ore is extracted everyday, after proper prospecting, and then checked for quality and impurities, while the gas pockets are much more difficult to find. Kowmang also grants bonus money to mining, management and science lab personnel, whenever the extracted ore exceeds the production quota by a fixed amount. Miners are definitely the backbone of Icarus Station: their work is hard and not without risks; the environment is dangerous and toxic: workers need to wear suits and depend on personal oxygen tanks while operating in the Mining Zone, which is a dark and scary place. Daily medical check-ups are in order to ensure the miners’s health.

Teaser: When life takes everything from you, there is only one way to carry on: becoming bitter, cynical and vengeful. Too curious, always digging with a good nose for a juicy story, back on Earth Silva thought there was more to be told in that messy story about the old Icarus station, that “accident”. Then came betrayal, losing the job as a journalist, losing the hard-earned reputation, and ultimately even losing the people C. used to call “friends”. All of those things made Silva a new person. Being forced to leave the Blue Planet for the Belt, Silva bitterly laughed when, out of a job, ended up on Icarus, joining a mining team despite being smart and overqualified. That’s what a ruined reputation does, even on the Belt: thanks for that, mother Earth. It's rumored that C. got the job in the mines only thanks to some connections ''upstairs''. As a miner, Silva is hardworking, but at the same time complains about how life has turned out to be. The Earther has been changed into a Belter, the worst kind: those who are bitter and angry.
C. is scarred, spiteful, doesn’t hide an arrogant sense of entitlement and the need to take revenge on those who ruined what used to be a good life.

Relations: Can't understand why or how Weintraub can appreciate this shitty life. Often tries to bicker with the colleague, and the other's refusal to join the fight only makes things worse. Madaki is finally discovering the truth about life and expectations on others... this is making them closer, even if you don't approve the relationship with Sun. Agarwal seems really interested in their wellbeing and Silva likes the boss, even if sometimes get reprised for that bleak attitude. Has a strong friendship with the well-wala Soyinka which comes by no surprise, considering Silva's liking for Belters. Got into a fight with Mackinney, they both hate each other ever since. With Raven Silva had started sparring, then drinking, but then they both needed a connection and got closer and closer. Whenever possible goes sparring with Yu to blow off some steam. Knows Russo and Pavlov by fame. Would like to know more about Miambo senior, but so far, junior F. Miambo is uncooperative and discreet. Silva is plainly hostile towards Nyman.

- Origin: Earther - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

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