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Hotaka Berg, The dull hard working miner - #4

Hotaka Berg
#4 - The dull hard working miner

Personaggio de [ character for ] Icarus - run italiana - Interpretato da [ played by ]: R. A.

Player's notes:

Motto: Space is made of rock.
Work Group: Mining Team

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“Diggers you say? We’re fricking heroes!”
The mining activities are the reason why Icarus station has been built, and ore extraction is what keeps the business running. The company, Mars and Earth see mining activities as paramount, and according to their plans they are to be considered a priority. The asteroid is littered with uranium ore deposits and radon gas pockets: the ore is extracted everyday, after proper prospecting, and then checked for quality and impurities, while the gas pockets are much more difficult to find. Kowmang also grants bonus money to mining, management and science lab personnel, whenever the extracted ore exceeds the production quota by a fixed amount. Miners are definitely the backbone of Icarus Station: their work is hard and not without risks; the environment is dangerous and toxic: workers need to wear suits and depend on personal oxygen tanks while operating in the Mining Zone, which is a dark and scary place. Daily medical check-ups are in order to ensure the miners’s health.

Teaser: There are those who fancy the stars, the openness, the deep cosmo; those who imagine themselves flying wild and free across the galaxies, exploring universes and going where no man has ever gone before. Most people, on the other hand, only experience the ugliest and hardest part of space: the heavy duties in the tunnels of the mining stations in the Belt. Screw the fancy space pilots: space is made of nothing but solid rock. And so is Berg. People didn't leave earth to fly, but to dig, to work, to fight, to fuck. Proving their worth is only a matter of hitting hard on solid walls. Nothing is soft and easy in this life, and Berg reminds of this simple truth in every action. Some say Berg's mind is dull as a rock as well, but what does it matter? Loyalty to work, friends and allegiances is the only thing that can keep you alive in this universe. And so is crushing opponents and enemies.

Relations: Berg blindly trusts the shift leader Kowalski, both on and off work.
Lagos is a funny character: a good fellow, but a little sloppy and absent lately. Berg sometimes thinks it takes just a kick to make an ass move, but Lagos is a friend, and deserves everyone's respect.
Donovan, on the other hand, is just a whining sack of wind and vinegar: one of this day Berg will seal that crying mouth shut with one fist or two. The same goes with Salomon, always lecturing about “peaceful talk and no violence”, what a wuss.
Some uppercuts and jabs have been crossed with Kassad but Berg is not made for the hardcore discipline of the trainer. A good official match could be the chance to prove that brutal force can overpower the fanciest training. Maybe Berg will have the chance to blast that Zarani redneck for good, and put an end to that smug insolent face. Another person who deserves to be put in place is the radio comm Ibanez: Berg doesn't like the anti-OPA propaganda that comes from the radio room.
Back on Eros, Berg met with captain Whedon: the rude miner still blushes when talking about their encounters.

- Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: Possibily fit and/or big body - Shift: Alpha

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