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A. Salomon, The friendly supporter - #1

A. Salomon
#1 - The friendly supporter

Personaggio de [ character for ] Icarus - run italiana - Interpretato da [ played by ]: m. d.

Player's notes:

Motto: Be positive and smile.
Work Group: Mining Team

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“Diggers you say? We’re fricking heroes!”
The mining activities are the reason why Icarus station has been built, and ore extraction is what keeps the business running. The company, Mars and Earth see mining activities as paramount, and according to their plans they are to be considered a priority. The asteroid is littered with uranium ore deposits and radon gas pockets: the ore is extracted everyday, after proper prospecting, and then checked for quality and impurities, while the gas pockets are much more difficult to find. Kowmang also grants bonus money to mining, management and science lab personnel, whenever the extracted ore exceeds the production quota by a fixed amount. Miners are definitely the backbone of Icarus Station: their work is hard and not without risks; the environment is dangerous and toxic: workers need to wear suits and depend on personal oxygen tanks while operating in the Mining Zone, which is a dark and scary place. Daily medical check-ups are in order to ensure the miners’s health.

Teaser: Working on Icarus station is a big challenge and a really hard job, but also a world of different perspectives and interesting people. Salomon knows how to perform the job and how to behave to have his way around this chaotic life. Mining is really tough but paramount, and someone has to do it. The best way is to do it well and get along well with colleagues. Many other miners hate this job, but Salomon thinks it could be a great opportunity to cooperate and create ties. Always the first to support other miners, to help them find better solutions, and to avoid useless and dangerous quarrels and fights, this cheerful Earther is convinced that if there is harmony between the team, the work will surely be easier and lighter. Salomon is friendly and positive: always available to give addvice and to lend a ear to other miners' troubles, to try and find the bright side in every situation. Ironic and nice even when confronted with racist jokes, it’s very difficult to stay cross with Salomon. Even the worst fight soon ends in laughter over a good pint.

Relations: Donovan needs a good friend that could actually pay attention to the accident story, and Salomon is the right person to take care of this problematic miner.
Lagos always seems worried and needs to relax with some jokes.
Berg is too used to fight over everything, it’s better to help H. solving issues with words rather than fists. Kowalski is a good and efficient leader, and Salomon loves to work with this wise person.
Kohler is a good bartender, but piloting is the real skill there. It’s a pity that Kohler lost everything, and Salomon tries to relieve the barman's chagrins.
Guzman is a good engineer but is revealing other interesting skills: meeting and becoming friends could be a good idea.

- Origin: Earther - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

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