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Syria Maathai, The martian environmentalist - #6

Syria Maathai
#6 - The martian environmentalist

Personaggio de [ character for ] Icarus - run italiana - Interpretato da [ played by ]: C. F.

Player's notes: Céline Fusi

Motto: Mankind never learns, it is cursed with the urge to conquer
Work Group: Med-Lab Botanic Lab

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“Care, at the right place”
The medical lab is a multi-purpose work environment in charge of keeping track of the station’s sanitary standards and critical life-support systems. Highly skilled physicians constantly manage the Life Support System, monitor the oxygen production and regulate its distribution throughout the whole complex. Competent doctors care about the personnel in need of routine medical check-ups or surgery, and botanical experts manage the essential plants grown in an advanced and and fully-automated Hydroponic Farm, which is the main oxygen source for Icarus Station. Being part of the Medical Lab staff means being an highly skilled and adaptable professional, capable of handling routine scientific operations as well as the most complicated emergency surgery procedures. But above everything else, being part of this team means caring about human life, whether it is Earther, Martian or Belter.

Teaser: As the shift's boss, Maathai is a confident, rational scientist; that’s how life should be approached, with a method as dry as Mars, the planet where S. was born, where nothing can grow. As a child, S. got fascinated by how humans were able to survive the inhospitable red planet without changing it. S. got into science and bothany, wanting to improve Martians’ life, but soon discovered it was an illusion: the big Martian dream was to destroy the real Mars, by terraforming it. S. thinks Martians are going to repeat the same mistake made on Earth: destroying the planet that made them great and independent. Maathai should have known better: that after all, Martians are just like Earthers: they are human. That’s the curse of mankind: never learning their lesson. S. is opinionated and blunt, to the point that S. has made no secret of such thoughts, resulting in being labelled a traitor to the Martian dream. But even as they think they are fighting the good cause against Earth, they are doomed to be as wrong as them.
Maathai might be cold and negative, but the truth is, this is no future. It is the past that keeps repeating itself, cultures dying, mankind struggling to survive.

Relations: Gabrys is just a weirdo with an obsession for naming things and a passion for drugs, but as long as it's not done during the shift and it doesn't affect their work or the team too bad (surprisingly, sometimes it has even proven to be... useful), it can be tolerated. Faulkner is a typical spoiled earther, too focused on ''here and now'' and too narrow minded about the future. Woo should stop chatting that much and work a little more without asking any more favors for so-called friends. Luna is a troublemaker who needs to be kept in check and reminded who is in control. Zarani has a similar vision of the universe as Maathai's; they get along well, but when they start talking, they can be absolutely boring.
Kassad needs someone from home to talk to and Maathai is not the judging type, so they chat quite often. Hates Dove, who was the first one to call Mathaai a ''traitor'', and is the embodiment of the Martian downfall. A similar mindset and brilliant conversation with Lagos formed a bond, but now this relationship is growing stronger and the other seems troubled by their own origins. Doesn't get along and had many heated discussion with Vodyakin about the ''martian dream''. Despite Linder being an Earther, they share a consideration for Belters' wellbeing and they have become good friends; this has caused some trouble with Frost a racist and jealous asshole. Higashi has called Maathai a traitor, but the commissioner isn't capable of even shitting without an order, imagine thinking for himself!
Keller is a sort of a friend. Maathai loves spending time together chatting and drinking.

- Origin: Martian - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

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