Matthew Harris, The rude and sensual Escort #28 [Demetra - INTERNATIONAL]

Matthew Harris
#28 - The rude and sensual Escort

Interpretato da: S. K.

Motto: Men aren’t allowed any complexity or shades: either you’re a sir, or a whore
Gruppo: The Entertainers
Teaser: Smile, take her hand, nod. This is step one. Hold her, court her, compliment her. This is your job. What you’re hiding behind your smile is private, and nobody really cares. The few who ask about your life don’t really want to hear the truth, just some lies, to leave behind the stress of their jobs. You don’t really care if other men look at you with contempt, they don’t know a thing about you, and about what took you here. With you, women let themselves go, they talk, they seek some understanding for their deepest secrets.

KEY WORDS: manipulation, duplicity, appearance, envy, lies

Legami: You work for Laverne McKenzie who presented you in the past to Frida Perez with which you became very intimate. You have often chatted with Jason Mandez and with Raymond Long during some of the jobs you have done together and you find them interesting and enjoyable, although Raymond sometimes has a sad smile, you consider Maxwell Bright ( 33) too classy for this job.

Provenienza: Guests - Gruppo: The Entertainers - Sesso: male - Età del giocatore: Any age

Altri membri del gruppo: The Entertainers Julian Bennet (35 ) interpretato da Marcello A; Octavius (27 ) interpretato da Davide S; Frida Perez (23 ) interpretato da Elisa c; Babel (38 ) interpretato da Michael B; Raymond Long (34 ) interpretato da Damien R; Laverne McKenzie (24 ) interpretato da Bérénice M; Jason Mandez (29 ) interpretato da Rok F; Maxwell Bright (33 ) interpretato da Josh E; Spartacus (32 ) interpretato da Matteo T; Apollo (30 ) interpretato da Patrick W; Samwell ''Martini'' Johnson (26 ) interpretato da Adrian Hvidbjerg P; Phil Blackwood (39 ) interpretato da Federico F; Corvus (31 ) interpretato da Davide O; Emily Cox (25 ) interpretato da Mary L; Blake (37 ) interpretato da Daniele C; Ken Albright (42 ) ancora in cerca di interprete ; Julius Cristopher Lincoln (41 ) ancora in cerca di interprete ; Cosmas Lee Gilmore (40 ) ancora in cerca di interprete ; Tom Dawson (36 ) ancora in cerca di interprete ;