Jason Mandez, The seductive and artistic Escort #29 [Demetra - INTERNATIONAL]

Jason Mandez
#29 - The seductive and artistic Escort

Interpretato da: R. F.

Motto: Beauty is the best recommendation letter
Gruppo: The Entertainers
Teaser: Beauty lies in small things: in a discreet smile, in a repetitive and usual gesture, in an ephemeral and secret thought. Yet, just for a stupid social convention, the aesthetic aspect would seem to be the most important thing and you have too often been the victim of this dictat. Women look at you, they study you, they undress you, they enjoy your body, but never one has stopped to observe you. They never dared to jump over the wall of conjecture and go beyond appearances. This hypocrisy suffocates you, asking but a tiny part of your whole: this becomes every day harder to withstand and, if nobody really cares who you are, then you just have to use everything in your favor, make it your advantage. Your price? Money, vices, sex and secrets, those whispered between the sheets. Satisfying women with your body and your words seems to be your only goal: after all, this is what you ask men, to just hold strong to their beauty.

KEY WORDS: eccentricity, appearance, deceit, selfishness, revenge

Legami: You have often chatted with Matthew Harris and Raymond Long during some of the work you did together. You really appreciate your colleague Maxwell and you consider yourself very similar to him. Laverne McKenzie is protecting you and of the other escorts.

Provenienza: Guests - Gruppo: The Entertainers - Sesso: male - Età del giocatore: Any age

Altri membri del gruppo: The Entertainers Julian Bennet (35 ) interpretato da Marcello A; Octavius (27 ) interpretato da Davide S; Frida Perez (23 ) interpretato da Elisa c; Matthew Harris (28 ) interpretato da Sebastien K; Babel (38 ) interpretato da Michael B; Raymond Long (34 ) interpretato da Damien R; Laverne McKenzie (24 ) interpretato da Bérénice M; Maxwell Bright (33 ) interpretato da Josh E; Spartacus (32 ) interpretato da Matteo T; Apollo (30 ) interpretato da Patrick W; Samwell ''Martini'' Johnson (26 ) interpretato da Adrian Hvidbjerg P; Phil Blackwood (39 ) interpretato da Federico F; Corvus (31 ) interpretato da Davide O; Emily Cox (25 ) interpretato da Mary L; Blake (37 ) interpretato da Daniele C; Ken Albright (42 ) ancora in cerca di interprete ; Julius Cristopher Lincoln (41 ) ancora in cerca di interprete ; Cosmas Lee Gilmore (40 ) ancora in cerca di interprete ; Tom Dawson (36 ) ancora in cerca di interprete ;