Cosmas Lee Gilmore, The performer #40 [Demetra - INTERNATIONAL]

Motto: The spotlights blind the fool. Now you see me, now you don't.
Gruppo: The Entertainers
Teaser: Only when you can see yourself mirrored on the eyes of a keen audience you really feel alive. These are showmen: a collage composed of all their most loved fans love and crave: people who learnt to take any shape, and their art, to broaden and grow their spectator's emotions. Without them, without their love, you feel that you could only scatter in little fragments. Not all of your pieces are visible, though: once offstage you change your prospective and it's not just approval you're looking for in the gaze of who's in front of you. The truth is often hidden behind the appearances and this is a well known lesson for anyone in the showbusiness: what really matters is to use it in your favour!

KEY WORDS: action, performance, art, investigation, extroversion

Legami: Your friendship with Mark Lovermann Baker is important to you, it is one of the few authentic relationships you have. You are protective of Julian Bennet, whom you met when he was still at the orphanage where you also grew up: the one Cardinal Sonia Parker used to run. She has always been inflexible with you, trying to kill all your artistic ambitions. You have had several flirts in those years, some of them meaningless, like the one with Laverne McKenzie, some life changing, like the one with Grace Sanders, whom you are very fond of . You find unbearable and pretentious Phil Blackwood, self-styled artist, who just wants to steal the show from professionals like you. You publicly criticized him during the interview with Emily Cox.

Provenienza: Guests - Gruppo: The Entertainers - Sesso: male - Età del giocatore: Any age - Consigli: The player who chooses this character will have to choose and personally propose the type of show he wants to perform.

Altri membri del gruppo: The Entertainers Raymond Long (34 ) interpretato da DamienR; Babel (38 ) interpretato da MichaelB; Laverne McKenzie (24 ) interpretato da BéréniceM; Octavius (27 ) interpretato da DavideS; Blake (37 ) interpretato da DanieleC; Emily Cox (25 ) interpretato da MaryL; Corvus (31 ) interpretato da DavideO; Phil Blackwood (39 ) interpretato da Federico F; Samwell ''Martini'' Johnson (26 ) interpretato da Adrian Hvidbjerg P; Apollo (30 ) interpretato da PatrickW; Spartacus (32 ) interpretato da MatteoT; Maxwell Bright (33 ) interpretato da JoshE; Jason Mandez (29 ) interpretato da RokF; Matthew Harris (28 ) interpretato da SebastienK; Frida Perez (23 ) interpretato da Elisac; Julian Bennet (35 ) interpretato da Marcello A; Ken Albright (42 ) ancora in cerca di interprete; Julius Cristopher Lincoln (41 ) ancora in cerca di interprete; Tom Dawson (36 ) ancora in cerca di interprete;