John Mccallum, The salesman #75 [Demetra - INTERNATIONAL]

Interpretato da: G. M.

Motto: 'Fuck, before they screw you in. Life is a roller coaster: you have to be ready for anything,in order to get on it.''
Gruppo: The employees of the year
Teaser: Sell, sell, sell. This is what an excellent salesman must do. The right words, the pleasant appearance and the winking smile are essential qualities for your work. But the most important thing is knowing how to ask the right questions. Because what life has taught you is that people buy according to their own desires, and it's up to you the hard task of carving them out or, were they absent, creating them. Yours is a fine art. It takes a certain dedication to learn to touch the right emotional notes and manipulate people to your end. The right look and a witty joke, and the heart of those in front of you no longer has any secrets. Some may consider you a manipulator, others a smoke seller, but if it were not for the Demetra those inopportune and ungrateful mouths would have nothing to eat. If only you were a woman you would also have the audacity to scold those who spit on the plate in which they eat. But you're a man and it's up to you to just talk enough. Someone else will give out the right punishment.
KEY WORDS: ambition, cunning, love, envy, dedication.

Legami: You have been hired directly by Abigail Miller, whom you consider a strong woman. You can not understand how she can be married to a boring man like Harry Miller né Williamson. You work for Selene White, whom you are helping in the search for the new face for Demetra. You consider Gary Clark a boring man, who always speaks of numbers, but who is very ambitious.

Provenienza: The Demetra - Gruppo: The employees of the year - Sesso: male - Età del giocatore: Any age - Consigli: Suitable for a player who is proactive and willing to play a complex character.

Altri membri del gruppo: The employees of the year Gary Clark (74 ) interpretato da Ivan G; Mark Lovermann Baker (72 ) interpretato da Simon H; Phiona Brown (69 ) interpretato da Julia R; Simon Thompson Brown (73 ) interpretato da Frederik Magnus Johansen V; Victoria Mahler (70 ) interpretato da Lene S; Prudence Cartwright (68 ) interpretato da Pauliina M; Madelyn White (71 ) interpretato da Ana G;